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Construction Club

Hello, and a very warm welcome to our new construction club!

Here, the children can use all sorts of construction and design resources to develop their own creations. So far, the children have made clothing for dolls, a brick fortress, a rather large junk - modelling metal detector, and even a few cardboard moustaches!

Alternatively, the children are invited to accept our weekly challenge.......

Last week the children were asked to make a picture with a moving part, and we were very impressed with the results.

If you would like to join our club, we still have a few spaces. Please see Mrs Cranley or Miss Clayton from Ash Class.

We have made cards this week with moving parts.

We set the challenge of making maze games using only paper plates, drinking straws and paper. We tested the games at the end of the session using a marble, and they worked really well! But someone did not want to take part. Can you guess who?