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SLC - Rosen Class

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Speech and Language Centre



The Lead Teacher of Speech and Language is Mrs Coulthard.

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Cranley and  Mrs Swann.

and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wilson.

Miss Walkley and Mrs Shiner are our Speech and Language Therapists and Mrs Pipes is our Speech and Language Therapy Assistant.  


 There are 20 children, the majority of whom have part time places. 



The Speech and Language Centre class Rosen .  Early Years and Key Stage One children attend on half of the Class on a part-time basis from Tuesday to Thursday, and are taught by Mrs Cranley.  Key Stage Two children attend the other half of the Class on a part-time basis from Tuesday to Thursday, and are taught by Mrs Swann.  However, we do love to work collaboratively whenever we can.

Meet the Staff 


-Staff photographs 

Get in touch


To share activities and photos, please use your child's portfolio via class DOJO. This will only be seen by you and the staff. You can also comment on posts we share on the class story. We do enjoy seeing what you have been up to so stay in touch!


If you want to contact the team please use the Class DOJO message function which will enable you to send a private message. Please send any messages to Mrs Wilson or Mrs Thornewill as they are in full-time. 

Class Code

  • Be Safe and Happy
  • Be Respectful
  • Learn More


We use lots of strategies to ensure our children enjoy their learning, take care of themselves and each other.

Learning in the SLC

Below you will find our Intended Learning Overview for the year ahead. This is a working document and we often adapt our overviews according to the needs of the children we have in the Speech and Language Centre each term. You will also find the timetables for Seuss and Rosen class:


-How we work in SLC 



Your child will be given a reading diary for you to complete each time you read together. This could be an entry about the books we send home from school, or any other book your child wishes to read at home. We will also add entries into the reading diary at school. We believe that reading should be a real pleasure and an enjoyable part of your day!


Homework Activities:

We will upload to DOJO a "pick and mix" selection of home learning activities related to our theme at school. You and your child can select one activity to complete each week, in any order you wish.

You can post home learning on your child's profile on Class Dojo. We are always excited to see what you get up to!

Have a peep inside the SLC!



Our Learning Space:



Cued Articulation


We use this to help children learn how to form the correct mouth shapes to make sounds correctly. The actions relate to where and how each sound is made.