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Commando Joe's

We were very excited about the  launch of our 'Commando Joe's' activities. The first mission involved expedition to the Amazon forest and to other amazing places along the Amazon River. 


Ed Stafford ' Walking the Amazon'

Ed Stafford was the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River, which is the second longest river in the world. It is over 6,000km long and took Ed 860 days to complete this extremely challenging mission. We tried to follow his steps and we completed some missions to learn about how to prepare for such an expedition. Teamwork, self awareness, determination and mutual respect were crucial.

We all managed to achieve our targets.  It was lots of fun!

Mission 1 - Packing our bags

We had to pack our bags and decide what is essential for our long trek as we would have to carry the bags on our shoulders! It was a hard decision to leave many things behind, especially the ones that we use in our everyday lives. 

Mission 2 - Re-creating the camp

Another task was to re-create the camp that was previously built by somebody else.  We had to chose a leader who would carefully look at the camp and then describe it to us so that we could build one that looks exactly the same.

It was a challenge but some of us turned out to be great leaders!!!

Mission 3 - Crossing the Amazon River

As there are no bridges across the Amazon River, we had to find safe ways to carry our equipment across the water.  Food and all the other essentials had to stay dry. Teamwork was very important as we had to help each other cope with different obstacles.

We had lots of fun especially when it was raining or when we faced white water rafts. 

Mission 4 - Building Shelters

Finally, we had to build shelters that would keep us safe over the night. We tried to build a shell structure using only what we could find around us. It was quite tricky getting the shelters to say up, but we persevered and completed the mission successfully.