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Victoria School Council


Here at Victoria, School Council plays an important role in sharing the children’s voice to make the school a better place. We have regular meetings to discuss what we would like to happen around school. So far this year School Council have introduced selling crumpets and toast alongside tuck shop. The children are really enjoying these warm winter snacks YUMMY!


Keep checking the website for regular updates to find out what School Council will be doing in the future.

Orchard School Council


Here at Orchard Site, the children from each class vote for two school council members each September. The children are involved in many activities. So far this year, this has included running the school tuck shop and stationery shop, meeting with the caterers to conduct a survey about school meals,  and running a Design A Healthy School Dinner competition, plus organising a Bring And Buy sale for Children In Need.


In past years we have run a Harry Potter afternoon and have judged the reading areas in each classroom, which has been a whole school focus of ours.


Being a school councillor is fun but also develops a sense of responsibility and community at our school:

“We had a meeting with Jackie from Mellors about school dinners. I like being in the school council because I have made new friends.”


“I run tuck shop every day. I get the money and the key for the cupboard where we keep the yoghurts, drinks and raisins. I like school council because I like being in charge!”

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