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Who's Who



Mrs Laughlin

Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs Keyworth-Edwards

Assistant Head Teacher


Miss Hughes

Office Staff


Mrs Devine - Support Services Manager

Mrs Gough - Office Services Manager

Mrs Forrester - Clerical Assistant - Resources

Mrs Rodger - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mehmood - Admissions and Attendance Officer

Mrs Shah - Home School Liaison Officer

Class Teachers


Mrs Johnston - Saplings (Nursery)

Mrs Hayes and Mrs Windle - Alder (Reception)

Miss Walker - Birch (Reception)

Mrs Turner - Elm (Year 1)

Mrs Campion - Beech (Year 1)

Miss Marchini - Hazel (Year 2)

Miss Brooks - Pine (Year 2)

Miss Hughes - Poplar (Year 3)

Mrs Zimnoch - Rowan (Year 3)

Mrs Manners - Willow (Year 4)

Mr Preston - Hawthorn (Year 4)

Miss Martin - Oak (Year 5)

Miss Mewis - Yew (Year 5)

Mrs Akhtar - Chestnut (Year 6)

Miss Nicholson - Sycamore (Year 6)


Speech and Language Centre


Lead Teacher Mrs Coulthard

Mrs Ball - Holly

Mrs Cranley - Ash

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Bi - Sapling (Nursery)



Mrs Bick - Alder

Mrs Thompson - Birch


Year 1

Miss Croxall - Elm

Mrs Naz - Beech


Year 2

(Hazel and Pine)

Mrs Zafar 

Mrs Kunsir - (am)


Year 3

(Poplar and Rowan)

Mr Olszynski


Year 4

(Hawthorn and Willow)

Mrs Hastings - (am) 

Mrs Smith  - (am)

Mrs Arif - (Mon - Wed (am))

Mrs Waheed- (Wed (pm) - Fri)


Year 5

(Oak and Yew) 

Mrs Dolman

Mrs Newton 


Year 6

(Chestnut and Sycamore)

Mrs Annett 

Mrs Burrows



Mrs Kauser

Mrs Thornewill

Mrs Timmins

Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Mrs Windle - SENCO


SEN Teaching Assistants


Mrs Dost

Mrs Genders

Miss Hill

Mrs Perveen

Mrs Lakhotia

Miss Thompson

Additional Support


Mrs Keyworth-Edwards - Booster Teacher Y6KE


Mrs Pipes - Speech Therapist

Miss Walkley - Speech Therapist


Ms Parkin - Teacher for the Hearing Impaired

Ms Baker - Teacher for the Hearing Impaired


Mrs Arif - Hope Mentor


Mrs Ali - Bilingual TA

Catering Staff - Victoria Road


Ms Walsh

Mrs Bentley


Catering Staff - Orchard Site


Mrs Jones

Mrs Dingley

Ms Pattinson


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Ali

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Fayyaz

Mrs Farrakh

Mrs Huram

Mrs Hussain

Mrs Javid

Mrs Khawaja

Mrs Mahmood

Mrs Mahroof

Mrs Munir

Mrs Ramzan

Mrs Rani

Mrs Rashid

Mrs Riaz

Mrs Saleem

Mrs Sharif

Premises Staff


G Taylors and Son - Janitor



Mrs Williams

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Buckley

Mrs Mahmood

Mrs Raistrick

Mrs Ramzan

Mrs Tickner