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Who's Who



Mrs Laughlin

Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs Keyworth-Edwards

Assistant Head Teacher


Miss Hughes

Office Staff


Mrs Devine - Support Services Manager

Mrs Gough - Office Services Manager

Mrs Forrester - Clerical Assistant - Resources

Mrs Rodger - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mehmood - Admissions and Attendance Officer

Mrs Shah - Home School Liaison Officer

Class Teachers


Mrs Akhtar - Saplings (Nursery)

Mrs Bowler and Mrs Windle - Alder (Reception)

Miss Walker - Birch (Reception/Year 1)

Mrs Turner - Elm (Year 1)

Mrs Campion - Beech (Year 1)

Miss Marchini - Hazel (Year 2)

Miss Mewis - Pine (Year 2)

Miss Hughes and Mrs Timmins - Poplar (Year 3)

Mrs Zimnoch - Rowan (Year 3)

Mrs Manners - Willow (Year 4)

Mr Preston - Hawthorn (Year 4)

Miss Martin - Oak (Year 5)

Mrs Akhtar - Yew (Year 5)

Miss Nicholson - Sycamore (Year 6)


Speech and Language Centre


Mrs Ball - Ash (Monday to Wednesday)

Mrs Cranley - Ash (Wednesday to Friday)

Mrs Coulthard and Mrs Thornewill - Holly

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Bi - Sapling (Nursery)

Mrs Johnston - Sapling (Nursery)

Mrs Nawaz - Alder/Birch (Reception)

Mrs Bick - Alder/Birch (Reception)

Mrs Zaman - Elm (Year 1)

Mrs Naz - Beech (Year 1)

Mrs Kunsir - Hazel (Year 2)

Mrs Zafar - Pine (Year 2)

Mr Olszynski - Poplar (Year 3)

Mrs Dolman - Rowan (Year 3)

Mrs Arif - Hawthorn (Year 4)

Mrs Waheed - Hawthorn (Year 4)

Mrs Smith  - Willow (Year 4)

Mrs Newton - Oak (Year 5)

Mrs Hastings - Yew (Year 5)

Mrs Annett - Sycamore (Year 6)

Miss Stanyard - Ash (SLC)

Mrs Kausar - Holly (SLC)

Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Mrs Windle - SENCO


SEN Teaching Assistants


Mrs Burrows

Miss Croxall

Mrs Dost

Mrs Genders

Miss Hill

Mrs Perveen

Mrs Lakhotia

Additional Support


Mrs Boast - One to One Teacher

Mrs Boast - Booster Teacher Y6KE


Mrs Bamblett - Speech Therapist

Mrs Pipes - Speech Therapist


Ms Parkin - Teacher for the Hearing Impaired

Ms Masters - Teacher for the Hearing Impaired


Mrs Arif - Hope Mentor


Mrs Racz - Hungarian Bilingual TA

Catering Staff - Victoria Road


Mrs Jones

Mrs Dingley

Ms Pattinson


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Ali

Mrs Fayyaz

Mrs Huram

Mrs Khawaja

Mrs Rani

Mrs Rashid

Mrs Shabir


Catering Staff - Orchard Site


Ms Walsh

Mrs Bentley


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Dawson

Mrs Khan

Mrs Kauser

Mrs Munir

Premises Staff


G Taylors and Son - Janitor



Mrs Williams

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Buckley

Mrs Hudson 

Mrs Mahmood

Mrs Raistrick

Mrs Ramzan

Mrs Tickner