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Reception - Donaldson

Welcome to Reception - Donaldson

Our teacher is Miss Marchini.

There are currently 30 children in our class.

There are 8 girls and 22 boys.

Our School Behaviour Codes


Be safe and happy!

Be respectful!

Learn more!



The children will be taking home a reading book. Please read with your children daily at home and write a comment in their reading journals to let us know how they got on. Library books will be changed weekly, every Monday afternoon.


Every child is part of a reading challenge that gives out bronze, silver and gold awards for reading up to 100 books.

Let's work together to help your children reach this goal!   





Our Author this half term is...


Julia Donaldson


Books by the author...





We do PE on a Monday and a Friday. Children need to bring in their PE kit to school and we will send home PE kits at the end of the half term. For PE, we wear a yellow tee shirt, green shorts and black pumps.  Earrings should be removed (before school if children are unable to remove them by themselves), for health and safety reasons.  




Our topics help us learn new skills and facts about the world.  Our topic sessions take place during the afternoon.  We do link our topic work with our English learning through stories, poems and drama.  Where possible, we go on educational visits or invite visitors in, so that we develop our learning and understanding more.


These are our topics for this year:


Autumn 1           Autumn 2          Spring 1             Spring 2              Summer 1           Summer 2           
Marvellous Me and My Friends!Let's Celebrate!The Arctic WorldGood to be GreenOnce Upon a Time...Blue Planet

Intent (Head)


Our Intent Plan maps out the knowledge and skills we develop and build on in Reception. Using our checkpoint document, we have been able to plan for progressive, sequential and ambitious goals over the year. Our Intention Plan and Checkpoints have been created using Birth to 5 and Development Matters for support. 

Implementation (Hands)


Our Medium Term Plans and Long Term Plan show how we will implement our intentions and address the knowledge and skills we work on. Our plans include key texts, the 'Fabulous Five,' which will use as themes and a focus for our weeks. They also include activities we plan to carry out which link to our checkpoints, ensuring pupils' learning is purposeful. We also use quality first teaching, high quality interactions and carefully considered learning environments to help us implement our vision. 

Impact (Heart)


We monitor the impact of our curriculum and progress in Reception from the engagement of the pupils in the provision and reviewing whether or not the children are meeting the half-termly checkpoints. We also use our parent links and home school communication to help us monitor impact in Reception. We use our professional knowledge to help us inform our planning and support with child development.   

EYFS at Victoria



These are the sounds we learn in Phonics this year:




Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception

Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception

Autumn 1