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Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct
Parents/Carers and other visitors to school


At Victoria Community School we are extremely fortunate to have very supportive and friendly parents without whom we would not be able to function so successfully.  Educating children is a process that relies on partnership between parents, class teachers, staff and the school community.  It is important that children see everyone working together to help them understand how to work in the future. 


This policy is to remind everyone about how we expect them to behave in and around the school.



We expect parents, carers and visitors to:

  • respect the Ethos of our school; always respect the school staff and support the things that have been done to help your child learn;  
  • set a good example by behaving well and not using bad language;
  • make sure you ask the school for their view of any incidents so that you can see if it is the same as your child’s view before you take things further;
  • make sure your child is behaving so that things don’t get out of hand;
  • ask the school for help if you don’t understand something or want to know more detail;


In order to have a peaceful, safe and happy school environment, parents, carers and visitors must not:

  • disrupt classes or any area of the school;
  • bring dogs on to school premises;
  • ride, or allow children to ride, Scooters, Motorcycles or push/E bikes whilst anywhere on school premises;
  • question decisions made by the school in front of children or other parents;
  • use loud or rude language, swear or show temper;
  • threaten to, or hit/push a member of the school staff, other parents or carers;
  • damage or destroy school property;
  • voice concerns about the school, staff, pupils or other parents publicly e.g. on the school premises, social network sites, etc;
  • send abusive or threatening emails or make abusive or threatening phone calls;
  • physically punish your child on school premises;
  • go up to another child to ask them, or tell them off, about something that may have happened with your child.  This may be seen as an assault;
  • smoke, vape, drink alcohol, or have taken other drugs whilst on school premises;
  • spit on school grounds;
  • no use a mobile phone anywhere on school premises unless approved by a member of staff


If parents, carers or visitors do not accept our guidance the school may need to contact other authorities and possibly ban offenders from being on school grounds.  We know that parents, carers and visitors will be happy to help us provide a safe and happy school and we thank you for your support.




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