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In Spring 1, our author  is Dick King-Smith

We will be reading one of his fantastic books:

"The Sheep-Pig" 

Take a look!  We really recommend this author!

When Farmer Hogget wins a piglet at the fair, he is amazed that Fly, his sheep-dog, welcomes him as one of her own pups. Fly names the piglet Babe and teaches him all he needs to know about the farm and its animals. As he watches his 'mum' round up the sheep, he decides he would love to try too.




Our author in Autumn 1 was  Carole Ann Duffy.

We read two of her fantastic books:

"The Tear Thief" and "The Lost Happy Endings"  

Take a look!  We really recommend this author's amazing stories :) 

In Autumn 2 our reading spine author was Eva Ibbotson. We read one of her well-know books: "The Abominables"

Have a look at the PPT about the author and the books she wrote. 


In Spring 2 our reading spine author is Ted Hughes. We will be reading one of his famous books: "The Ironman"

Have a look at some facts about the author and the books he wrote.