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Staffordshire Dignity In Care Awards 2021

Staffordshire County Council have just opened up nominations for this year’s Dignity In Care awards, They opened on Monday 1st February 2021 (https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/Care-for-all-ages/Dignityincare/home.aspx)


People across Staffordshire are being invited to nominate carers, work colleagues, young people, friends and family members for a prestigious award.


The Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards recognises groups and individuals who care for or support the most vulnerable of us, and who treat everyone with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion.


We welcome nominations from anyone who receives support and care in Staffordshire, their families, friends, or those who provide support and care to Staffordshire citizens


We want to celebrate the achievements of as many people as possible especially during the current pandemic.


Would it be possible for you to add this to any of your communications including any social media?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you very much.


Many Thanks


Charlotte Murphy |  Interim Market Development Officer
Staffordshire County Council,
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Health and Care Directorate

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