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Promote Air Quality Campaign

Reminder that today is the first day of the two week campaign to promote air quality.


The campaign run by Staffordshire County Council’s Sustainability Team runs from 14th March to 25th March.


Picture 1 - Walking

Did you know that just by walking to school you will be reducing your exposure to air pollution?

Air pollution inside the vehicle is often double what someone walking the same route will be exposed to. This is because the polluted air gets trapped inside the car with no dispersal factors such as sunlight and wind.

You can improve that even more by walking quieter, less polluted routes that you could not take in the car such as footpaths and walking only routes. It is also a great way to help get your minimum requirement of daily exercise, making you even healthier.


Picture 2 - Cycling

Cycling to school is a pollution free way to travel to school. An idling car will produce around 150 balloons worth of polluted air every minute.


By choosing to cycle instead of the car you will help reduce your own exposure to pollution and help improve air quality for the whole school community including parents, staff and pupils.


Check if your school has cycle storage so your bike can be left at school.


Picture 3 - Scooting


By scooting to school instead of taking the car you are choosing a pollution free mode of transport.

Cars will create around 150 balloons worth of pollution every minute. If we can remove just 10 cars from the school run then that’s 1,500 balloons of pollution saved every minute.

Check if your school has scooter storage so you don’t have to take the scooter home with you. Scooting is also great for core strength and developing balance skills.


Picture 4 - Idling


Did you know that an idling vehicle around school will release around 150 balloons worth of pollution into the air every minute?

Do your bit by choosing to switch off on the school run, or even better still, why not try an alternative active travel method of getting to school such as walking, cycling or scooting?


For those that live too far away try to park and stride by walking the last bit of your journey. This will really help by reducing pollution around the school.


Picture 5 - Asthma

Did you know that around 1/3 of all asthma cases in children are due to breathing polluted air?

This is rarely any higher than during the school run. Cars release poisonous gases and minute particles into the air which do head to toe harm to developing children. Asthma and other respiratory diseases are just two examples of medical conditions that can be a result of air pollution. Poor air quality is also linked to heart disease, cancers and even Alzheimer’s Disease in the elderly.