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We aim to give each pupil a positive attitude towards maths, and to have the self confidence to deal with all aspects of number in a logical and independent manner. Pupils gain confidence and proficiency when handling numbers and problems. Mental calculation skills are fundamental to mathematical confidence.


The National Curriculum provides a framework of objectives for the daily lessons, introduces children to a range of mathematical concepts including mental arithmetic, number, calculations, shape and space, measurement, money and statistics.


We are using the White Rose scheme to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills. This is our focus for the  year.

Opportunities are presented for children to learn, consolidate and apply the skills learned in a number of different contexts and real-life situations.

Parents of pupils are asked to support them with the regular learning and practice of mathematical concepts as these are more readily understood if children have been given practical experience and have the opportunity to discuss the activity.


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Curriculum Statement for Mathematics


Mathematics will provide our children with a powerful means of communication.


Patterns, relationships models and prediction are used to understand and change our modern society.


The development of cross curricular links enable us to appreciate the important interaction between Mathematics and other areas of study.


The multicultural influence in Mathematics is universally recognised.


Mathematics is a creative subject to which all pupils have right of access, ensuring equality of opportunity.


The setting of suitable learning challenges, responding to pupil's diverse learning needs and overcoming potential barriers will ensure all pupils are included in the learning process.