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Year 6 - Sycamore

Welcome to Year 6 - Sycamore

Our class teacher is Miss Nicholson and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Burrows.

We are all looking forward to the year ahead and working alongside you all.

There are 30 children in our class - 14 boys and 16 girls.


Remote Learning

If you are isolating with Covid and well, you are still expected to complete your learning.  Click on links below to see the weekly learning planners and work set for each day.

End of KS2 SATs Parents' Meeting Presentation

Parents' Introductory Meeting PowerPoint

Home School Agreement

Victoria Behaviour Codes

  • Be Safe and Happy

  • Be Respectful

  • Learn More!

                               British Values   

As part of our British Values in Year 6, we will be learning about democracy by encouraging the children to make decisions together.  One of the ways we will be doing this is by holding class votes.  We vote for our School Council representatives and also vote for our Behaviour Ambassador each half term.


Mutual respect and tolerance of each other are part of the values underpinned in Year 6, and the importance of accepting, respecting and valuing the feelings and views of others is embedded in the day to day learning.  We will be learning about similarities and differences, and how these should be celebrated.  Children are always encouraged to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, and to express their needs and opinions. 


The children are taught the importance of having rules and routines in place within the school and classroom, and how they contribute to making our school a safe and happy environment.  They are always encouraged to think about their actions and make good choices.  Our Behaviour Ambassador will choose a weekly 'Behaviour Star' to celebrate this.


We will work together to help one another and to make Year 6 Sycamore a great class!

Job Roles in Year 6


Timetable Monitor - Muniba        

Playground Box Monitor - Roshni

Water Bottle Monitor – Thalha

Reading Ambassadors - Malaika, Aisha T. Muniba and Anaya

Chair Monitors - Aisha T. , Shaymah & Subhan S.   


School Council Representatives - Hadi & Dua

Sports' Council -   Akeel & Lola

SmartBots - Abdul & Mahdia


House Captains

Livingstone: Matty

Edison: Roshni

Brunel: Mahdia



Class Representatives

We have our own School Council members that are responsible for attending meetings, making decisions and feeding back to their class. 


Our Behaviour Ambassador for this half-term is Dua. 

Reader of the week: Muniba

Mathematician of the week: Arfat

Behaviour of the Week:  Malaika

Team Tigers - Rayan and Mahdia



All children at Victoria Community School have homework, in Year 6 it just gets a little more demanding, preparing them for their transition to daily homework in Year 7 at High School.  Homework books will be supplied to each child at the beginning of the year and I hope you will take good care of them and take pride in the work you put into them.  You could cover them to keep them looking pristine!

The children are expected to read daily for 20 minutes as this will help them develop their understanding and fluency when reading longer texts.  Their reading records are to be signed when parents/guardians/older siblings have listened to them read.  We aim for each child to have read 100 books by the end of Year 6 so they can achieve their Gold Award Olympic Reader Certificate.

Spellings will be given out to learn on a weekly basis.

Most homework will be given out on a weekly basis, but there may be some other weeks when there are tasks to complete.  Weekly homework will be given out on Thursdays, to be returned by the following Tuesday. 

The homework will all relate to what your child is currently learning in class.  This half-term, the children will be completing the following, in addition to their reading and spellings;

  • maths work about place value, addition and subtraction
  • English work for autobiographical writing, poetry and balanced arguments
  • comprehension work about the Mayan civilisation 
  • science work about living things and their habitats


If you need help, see any Year 6 member of staff on a Friday or following Monday.


The children are welcome to complete their homework from 8.25am to 8.45am each day if they arrive at school during these times. 


Year 6 Sycamore Timetable



Miss Nicholson’s Timetable (Sycamore)



8.45 – 9.00

9.00 – 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.45 – 11.15

11.15 - 12

12 – 12.30

1.15- 2.00

2 – 2.20

2.20 – 2.40


Registration / Wake Up, Shake Up/ Independent Activities







Spelling Test




Read Aloud




Creative Curriculum

Special Events & Themes Assembly


Registration / Wake Up, Shake Up/ Independent Activities

Shared Reading







Read Aloud


Creative Curriculum

P.S.H.E. & R.E.



Registration / Wake Up, Shake Up/ Independent Activities

Shared Reading







Read Aloud







Local, National & World Events Assembly


Registration / Wake Up, Shake Up/ Independent Activities


100 Club/ T.T.R.S.




Shared Reading




Read Aloud



2 – 3pm






9 – 9.20am







Shared Reading




Read Aloud

1.15 – 1.45pm



1.45 – 2pm



2 – 3pm



Year 6 Maths Targets


The children have half-termly maths targets to work on.  In summer 1, the children will be learning the divisibility rules.  They complete three tests - one at the beginning, mid half-term and one at the end of the half-term.  Hopefully, they make lots of progress!






Year 6 English Learning Walls


The children have these Learning Walls in the front of their reading and writing books.  They have to highlight when they have achieved that particular target.   We aim to have them all achieved towards the end of the year!




Year 6 Target Booklet

Year 6 Overview - What we will be studying throughout the year

Spring 1 Topics - 'World War II' & 'Electricity'

Spring 2 - 'Crime & Punishment' and 'Light'

Summer 1 - 'Where in the World?' and 'Evolution & Inheritance'

Year 6's Wow Work


Sycamore Reading Corner - Spring 2 - Louis Sachar

September 2021 - Mayan Number System

October 2021 - Mouldy Bread Investigation

November 2021 - Remembrance Day

January 2022 - Electricity topic

January 2022 - Visit from Kate Griffiths M.P.

January 2022 - World War II Workshop

Use these lists to help you learn tricky spellings.

Keep working on your Maths skills, these websites can help with a range of questions for each area 



http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Key-Stage-2.html covers all curriculum areas for you to develop your understanding.

And if you fancy challenging yourself a little further try http://nrich.maths.org/frontpage 


Also I have found some Apps that might come in handy to help you revise and be ready for the SAT's in May. There are hundreds out there, a lot are free and I will keep updating with new ones as I find them.



Available for iPadAndroid, or Kindle Fire KS2 Maths by Brian Harkins is a comprehensive revision tools, packed with over 500 SATs-type questions. Pupils can take a test in each of the maths topics, or a mix of each. Each test is random and easily customisable – with a summary at the end which gives an approximate NC level and score, which helps find areas of strength & areas for development. The app is priced at £2.99*



Available for iPad/iPhone, I am learning: KS2 Maths is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, supporting the revision process. The app merges interactive games with official curriculum content – and featuring 3500 unique questions, allowing you to see results to analyse gaps in learning or understanding. The app is priced at £1.49*



Built by Rising Stars for iPad/iPhone aimed for pupils working towards a Level 4 grading in Maths, ‘Achieve’ offers a tried and tested formula for raising attainment. There are over 200 interactive questions covering all of Level 4 Maths including: Number and algebra; Shape, space and measures; Handling data; Using and applying mathematics. The app is priced at £3.99.



DoodleMaths by EZ Education Limited is a free app for iPad but the full version is available as a £6.99 in-app purchase within the app, plus a £4.99 extra payment for each additional user. The app is built as a progressive development tool for pupils from 7-11, helping build on maths skills as they progress. Children are encouraged to use DoodleMaths for a few minutes daily and with over 6000 carefully-crafted questions covering the entire curriculum, the program makes it ideal for SATs or 11+ preparation and can be set to create weekly email reports to parents. The app can be trailed free for a week. This app is free, but in-app purchases are required to continue and progress.




KS2 SATs English, by Brian Harkins is a really useful app for iPad,Android, or Kindle Fire tablet devices. With over 400 SATs-type questions, pupils can take a test in four English topics: spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary – or a mix of each. Each test is random and easily customisable – with a summary at the end which gives an approximate NC level and score, helping find areas of strength & areas for development.The app is priced £2.99*, and available by clicking on the app stores mentioned above.



I am learning Key Stage 2 English, for iPad / iPod merges interactive games with official curriculum content, featuring 2500 unique questions. The app covers all major topic areas and builds easy to use reports, allowing to focus learning with a powerful gap analysis. The app is priced at £1.49*.




Some schools like to check progression and understanding in Science for pupils aged 11, so KS2 Science by Brian Harkins is a valuable revision tool built for iPadAndroid, or Kindle Fire.The app contains hundreds of SATs-type questions, pupils can take a test in each of the science topics, or a mixture of each. Each test is random and easily customisable – with a summary at the end which gives an approximate National Curriculum level and score, finding those areas of strength & areas for development. The app is priced at £2.99*


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Interactive.aspx?cat=47 will explain things to you clearly and help you understand key terminology for the test.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/english/spelling_grammar/ Year 6 all know I like this website.