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Year 5 - Yew

Welcome to Year 5 - Yew


Our teacher is Miss Mewis and our teaching assistant is Mrs Dolman. 

Mrs Stubbs and Miss Parkin also help to support the children in our class.

We have 27 children in our class - 16 girls and 11 boys.

Remote Learning

If you are isolating with Covid and well, you are still expected to complete your learning.  Click on links below to see the weekly learning planners and work set for each day.

Class Codes

Be safe and happy

Be respectful

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Our Topics 

We are studying a range of Creative Curriculum topics this year. This includes: natural disasters, stone age to iron age, ancient Greece, Anglo-Saxons, Fieldwork and the differences between the UK and another country. 


In Spring 1, we will be exploring Ancient Greeks in our learning. 


Author of the half term (Spring 1)

Our author for Spring 1 is Rick Riordan.

British Values

As part of our British values we have been discussing democracy and how we can influence decision making through the democratic process.  The class took part in a mock election with a ballot paper of nominees to elect the Class representatives for School Council, Sports Council and Smartbots.  The children were given opportunities to present a speech to their peers to persuade them to vote for them.  We looked at how the democratic system works in Britain and the advantages and disadvantages of this.  

We discussed that the rule of law protects everyone and how we need school and class codes to distinguish right from wrong and also how these may differ from some religious views and opinions.  

Through our PSHE lessons, we have discussed and modelled freedom of speech via pupil participation in circle time and class discussions and debates.  We respect and promote our cultural and religious differences by celebrating multicultural festivals.

Our Class Roles

Our School Council representatives are Dana and Alishba.

Our Sports Council ambassadors are Abu Bakar and Sana.

Our Digital Leaders are Saaim and Dana.


Homework is given every half term based around the topic we are learning about.  The work may range from project work where the children will be required to create something 3D or carry out some research about certain aspects of the topic.  It will be varied over the year so that they cover all the subjects.



All children in class are expected to read on a daily basis to further develop their reading skills such as comprehension and fluency of reading.  Children are also given the opportunity once a week to use the library to promote reading.  Our library session is on a Wednesday afternoon.

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