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Year 5 - Yew

Welcome to Yew 5

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Welcome to Year 5 - Yew


Our teacher is Mr Preston and our teaching assistants are Mrs Hastings and Mrs Burrows.

There are 35 children in our class - 22 boys and 13 girls.


Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  • Respect everyone and everything.

  • Be a good listener and try your best.

  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.

  • Show good manners.

British Values


As part of out British Values in Year 5, we will be learning about democracy by encouraging the children to make decisions together. We will do this by holding class votes. We will hold votes for class representatives and we will vote every half term for our Behaviour Ambassador.


Respect and tolerance of each other are part of the values underpinned in our school. We will be looking at different topics in our lessons such as cultural, ethnical and religious diversity in the UK. We will be discussing the issues of racism, stereotyping and homophobia. 



Class Representatives


After holding elections in Yew 5 for our student council representatives we have selected Abdullah and Inaya. It was agreed that they would both be great representatives for Yew 5 and would do everything that they could to help the school and the class. They will attend meetings and help to make decisions to continue to improve our school.


Behaviour Ambassador

Each half term we will choose a behaviour ambassador for the class. In Yew 5 our behaviour ambassador for the Summer term 1 is Shokria. She has been chosen for the way in which she conducts herself around school and in lessons. Her role will be to keep the children in our class and school in line with the schools behaviour policy and encourage children to behave in the way that is expected.


Sports council

Our sports council representatives are Shekeeb and Alfiyah. 



Our SMART Bot representatives are Hadya and Atif. 

Class Jobs 

Drinks bottle monitors - Sehar and Esha

Cloakroom - 

Glue pots and table boxes - 

House point monitor - 

Information about year 5


In year 5 children will be given homework on a Friday. Children will have two pieces of homework, one for English and one for Maths. Children will also have spellings. All homework will be handed in on the following Tuesday and children will be tested on their spellings on a Friday. All homework will be explained before it is sent home, but if your child is unsure, please encourage your child to speak to a member of staff in Yew 5.

The children also have reading books and reading journals. Please take the time to listen to your child read, or if they are confident reading independently please sign their reading journals. We have a class library slot every Wednesday afternoon, where library books can be chosen and changed when necessary.

Yew 5 Weekly Timetable.

Curriculum overview for the year

Half term targets for reading and maths

Curriculum Resources


Please use these resources to support your child in their learning.



Weekly Awards for Yew 5

Weekly Awards for Yew 5 1

Mathematician of the week - Luqman

Reader of the week - Eshan

Star of the week - Zayan

Behaviour award of the week - Hadia

Have-a-go-Hippo - Esha

Reading Corner


Come in and immerse yourself in a book and let your imagination run wild. For this half term our class author is Betsy Byars. Our class novel is Midnight Fox.

Cadbury World


On Wednesday 8th May we went on our class trip to Cadbury World. We went on this trip to help us with our topic for English. We had a talk on Bean to Bar which then helped us back in class to write our explanation texts on how a cocoa bean turns into a bar of chocolate. We also had a tour of the factory and saw how the different chocolate bars are made and had a go at writing our names in chocolate. We really enjoyed our trip. 

Wonder Week 


During the our Wonder Week we completed a number of wonderful activities. This week aimed to allow us to wonder about different things. We went on a wonder walk around the local park to allow our imagination to run wild by creating stories from every day objects. In science we completed a number of experiments where we wondered what would happen. As the book also included circus skills we took part in a magical mayhem session to learn circus skills. We then performed a dance from 'This is the Greatest Show'. We really enjoyed this week and the activities we completed. 

Library Visit - Sam Copeland


On Tuesday 11th February we went on our library visit to listen to a talk by a new and upcoming author Sam Copeland. He was very entertaining and spoke about how he write his first novel Charlie turns into a chicken. All of the children enjoyed listening to him and having  the opportunity to meet him and get their books signed. 

Art - Clarice Cliffe Papier Mache


During spring term 1 we have completed our art unit on Clarice Cliffe Papier Mache. For this we researched the designs that is specific to the artist and then designed our own bowls. Once we had designed our bowls we made them out of papier mache. When our pots were made we painted our designs on them. We enjoyed making our bowls in our art lessons this half term.

PE - Lacrosse


Over the past half term we have been learning how to play Lacrosse with Mrs Laughlins son Jack. This was a brand new sport for everyone and has been a great sport to learn. We have learnt the skills that are needed to play the game and are now starting to learn the rules of the game and playing a match. 

Christmas activities


In class we have carried out a number of Christmas related activities. We made cards and calendars to take home. Me made hats and place mats for our Christmas dinner. We have also completed a number of Christmas activities in lessons to get us into the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas everyone!

Stone Age to Iron Age 


This half term we have been looking at the Stone Age to Iron Age in our Creative Curriculum lessons. We have looked at the ways of life and how things have changed over time. We looked at their homes, food, farming and Skara Brae. As our Art for this half term we looked at cave drawings. We used charcoal and oil pastels to create our drawings. The children have enjoyed this topic and have gained a good understanding of what it would be like to live in the Stone Age.

Commemorative Week - 100 years of the RAF


For our commemorative week we looked at celebrating 100 years of the RAF. For this we wrote fact files about the RAF, wrote a biography on Douglas Badar and also made posters advertising the RAF. Along with our work on the RAF we made poppies to add to our whole school display and individual poppies to take home. We had a great week celebrating the RAF and learning all about their history.


Creative Curriculum - Structures


In our creative curriculum lessons we have been making structures as part of our D&T unit of work. We looked at different types of bird boxes and then designed our own. We then used saws to cut our wood to the correct size. We used our glueing skills to put our frame together and then added our walls to the bird box. 

Safe and Sound - Burton Fire Station


On Wednesday 10th October we went to Burton Fire Station for our Safe and Sound workshop. Whilst we were there we learnt about fire safety, firework safety, first aid, cyber bullying and DHL lorry safety. We really enjoyed our visit and really learnt about keeping ourselves safe. Thank you to all the volunteers who delivered our sessions. 

English - Stories From Other Cultures


In English this half term we have been looking at stories from other cultures. We have looked at the book The Pearl Diver. We have produced a range of writing for this. We have written descriptions of the Pearl, character reaction, short passages using speech and a letter as if we are the main character telling a child in England about their life as a pearl diver.

Apple Picking


As part of year 5 outdoor learning we have to pick something from a tree and then eat it. We all went out into our orchard to pick the apples and then ate them back in class as part of our PSHE lesson.