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Year 5 - Oak

Welcome to Oak 5

Our class teacher is Miss Martin and our teaching assistants are Mrs Newton and Miss Hill. 

We are all really looking forward to working with you all this year. 


There are 30 children in our class- 17 girls and 13 boys. 

Class Codes 

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 
  • Respect everyone and everything. 
  • Be a good listener and try your best. 
  • Show good manners.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team. 

British Values

As part of our British values we have been discussing democracy and how we can influence decision making through the democratic process.  The class took part in a mock election with a ballot paper of nominees to select the Class representatives for School Council, Sports Council and Eco Warriors.  The children were given opportunities to present a speech to their peers to persuade them to vote for them.  We looked at how the democratic system works in Britain and the advantages and disadvantages of this.  

We discussed that the rule of law protects everyone and how we need school and class codes to distinguish right from wrong and also how these may differ from some religious views and opinions.  

Through our PSHE lessons, we have discussed and modelled freedom of speech via pupil participation in circle time and class discussions and debates.  We respect and promote our cultural and religious differences by celebrating multicultural festivals. 


Class Representatives

School Council- Abdul and Inayya 

Librarians- Drake and Keita

SMARTBOTS- Yusef and Mia

Sports Council- Qasim and Amina 

Eco Warriors- Ubaid and Simona 

Class Timetable and Yearly Overview


Author of the Term

Our author for Autumn 1 is S.F.Said. During our daily read aloud sessions we will be reading Varjak Paw. 

National Coding Week

As part of National Coding week, we developed our understanding of vocabulary related to coding. We completed a matching activity and a crossword to show our understanding. We then followed a set of instructions to complete a coding game. We all really enjoyed this. 

Andy Warhol Art Work 

We all created our own piece of art in the style of Andy Warhol. We were inspired by his art work based on Mount Vesuvius. We used oil pastels to carefully shade and then added contrasting water paint. We all really enjoyed this activity. 

PE- Apparatus

We have been using the apparatus in PE. We have been carefully practicing our balancing and different ways of travelling, whilst using the apparatus. 

Picking Apples from the Orchard

The children really enjoyed picking their own apples from the orchard. After they had been washed, the children really enjoyed eating them at playtime. 

Shared Reading- Drama

We have been looking at The Highway man in our daily shared reading sessions. The children have really enjoyed learning about the poem and the use of language. The children also worked in small groups to act out the poem. 

Forest School in Oak 5

We have been lucky enough to be offered the chance to take part in Forest Schools, once a week during the Autumn term. We are all really enjoying these sessions so far. We have developed an understanding of ways to stay safe in the forest and woodland area.