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Year 5 - Oak

Welcome to Year 5 Oak


Our class teacher is Miss Martin and our teaching assistants are Mrs Newton and Mrs Stubbs. 

We are all really looking forward to working with you all this year. 


There are 30 children in our class- 17 girls and 13 boys. 

Remote Learning

If you are isolating with Covid and well, you are still expected to complete your learning.  Click on links below to see the weekly learning planners and work set for each day.

Class Codes 

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 
  • Respect everyone and everything. 
  • Be a good listener and try your best. 
  • Show good manners.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team. 

British Values

As part of our British values we have been discussing democracy and how we can influence decision making through the democratic process.  The class took part in a mock election with a ballot paper of nominees to select the Class representatives for School Council, Sports Council and Eco Warriors.  The children were given opportunities to present a speech to their peers to persuade them to vote for them.  We looked at how the democratic system works in Britain and the advantages and disadvantages of this.  

We discussed that the rule of law protects everyone and how we need school and class codes to distinguish right from wrong and also how these may differ from some religious views and opinions.  

Through our PSHE lessons, we have discussed and modelled freedom of speech via pupil participation in circle time and class discussions and debates.  We respect and promote our cultural and religious differences by celebrating multicultural festivals. 


Class Representatives

School Council- Abdul and Inayya 

Librarians- Drake and Keita

Digital Leaders- Yusef and Mia

Sports Council- Qasim and Amina 

Eco Warriors- Ubaid and Simona 

Expectations in Year 5

In Year 5, the children are set homework every half term. We expect this to be completed on time and to a high standard. The children are given spellings weekly and are tested every Friday, the children need to practice them at home. Children need to read daily at home with a parent or responsible adult and their reading journal needs to be signed. 

Class Timetable and Yearly Overview


Knowledge Organisers for Year 5


Author of the Term

Our author for Summer 2 is Onjali Q. Raúf In our daily reading sessions, we are reading Boy at the Back of the Class.

World Music Day

We all had a fantastic day celebrating World Music Day. We listened to music, performed to the rest of the school and parents, experimented with Chrome Music Lab, created our own musical instruments and completed a piece of art. We all had an excellent day. 

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

On Friday 10th June, we came to school dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We also enjoyed a picnic for our lunch. 

Commonwealth Presentations  

As part of Jubilee week, we looked at the Commonwealth countries. In pairs, we researched the country and presented it to the rest of the class. We also created google slides to use in our presentation. We all really enjoyed learning about the different countries as well as presenting our work to the rest of the class. 

Toasting Marshmallows

We were really lucky to get a final lesson from Alice from Forest Schools. We all took part in toasting marshmallows over a small fire. We all really enjoyed eating our marshmallows. 

Design and Technology

During Summer 1, we are focusing on D&T. We are designing, making and evaluating our own Rockets which links to our Science topic of Earth, Sun and Moon. We have used the bench hooks and saws to accurately cut our pieces of wood to the correct length. We really enjoyed doing this and were all extremely sensible. 

Planting Potatoes

The children have planted their own potatoes as part of our Science curriculum. They worked with a partner and will be responsible for looking after their potatoes over the next couple of months. We will then pick them and make a healthy potato salad during Health, Fitness and Safety Week in July. 

Science Workshop

As part of Science Week, Oak took part in a Science Workshop. The children all had a great time and really enjoyed the activities which they took part in. 

Travel Survey 

As part of Science Week, we went out into our local area to complete a travel survey. We were really surprised at the volume of traffic we observed during our 15 minute survey. 

Creative Curriculum- Comparing Countries. 

As part of our Creative Curriculum topic this half term, we have been looking at Scotland. We have looked at its culture, traditions and celebrations. We have also looked at the different cities and landmarks. The children really enjoyed looking in the Atlases to help them locate the different cities and landmarks. 

World Book Day 2022

We all had a great day for World Book Day. The children came in lots of wonderful costumes dressed as characters from the books we have read so far this year. We had lots of Varjak Paw's and Percy Jackson's. It was a wonderful day celebrating our love of reading. 

Shrove Tuesday

On Tuesday 1st March we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. We discussed the Christian celebration, and how it is traditionally celebrated. We also discussed Lent. The children got a choose from lemon and sugar or jam as a filling for their pancake. They all really enjoyed eating their pancakes. 

Visit to Burton College

On Wednesday 16th February, we were lucky enough to get to got to Burton College and work in their Lego centre. The children had a great time working in groups to programme the lego. It was a really fun day and the children were exceptionally well behaved! 

Ancient Greece

Our topic for Spring 1 is Ancient Greece. The children have loved learning about; The life for Ancient Greeks, Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses, Athens and Sparta and The Battle of the Marathon. The children also really enjoyed creating their own Ancient Greek pots using paper mache and decorating them using Greek style patterns. 

Tesselation Art Work 

For our calendars we used a type of art called 'Tesselation'. We had to repeat patterns and colours to create effective patterns. We all really enjoyed creating our calendars using this technique. 

Stone Age- Cave Paintings 

As part of our Stone Age topic, we have looked at cave paintings. The children all identified what objects were included in the cave paintings. They then used oil pastels to create their own paintings. The children all really enjoyed creating their own cave paintings. 

Stone Age Workshop

We are learning all about The Stone Age as part of our Creative Curriculum topic this half term. We were lucky enough to take part in a workshop ran by Leeds Discovery Centre, which helped to build on our current knowledge and understanding of The Stone Age. All the children really enjoyed the workshop and made lots of sensible contributions. 

Anti Bullying Week 2021

Anti Bullying week is an annual event held in November. Every year there is a different theme, this years theme was 'One Kind Word'. In Oak, we discussed what bullying is and what it can look like. We completed different activities to show our understanding of bullying. We also raised money for the charity by coming dressed in clothes which make us feel good. 

Forest School

We have been looking at the habitats of different animals during our forest school sessions. In groups, we were set a challenge to make our own houses for the different wildlife which may live in our outdoor area. 

Remembrance Day 2021

On Thursday 11th November, we carried out lots of different activities related to Remembrance Day. We took part in a webinar, ran by Historic Workshops, where we learnt more about the War. We then took part in the two minutes silence at 11am. We all made poppies and completed a wordsearch and crossword. We all really enjoyed learning more about Remembrance Day. 

Cultural Diversity Week October 2021

We all enjoyed Cultural Diversity Week. We based our learning on our class read of  Varjak Paw. We discussed why it is important to treat everybody equally and how everybody is unique. We were also lucky enough to have two workshops, one where we learnt about stereotyping and the other where we learnt about different journeys people take. To finish the week, some of the children came to school in odd socks. 

National Poetry Day 2021

On National Poetry Day, we looked at a poem called Commotion in the Ocean.  The children worked in small groups to learn certain parts of the poem. We then came together as a class to perform the whole poem. The children really enjoyed this activity, and worked well as a class. 

Creative Curriculum- Natural Disasters

As part of our Natural Disasters topic, the children all worked in groups to design and make their own 'Earthquake Proof' building. We looked at the importance of strengthening the building and the importance of the shape. The children had great fun taking part in this activity and worked really well in their teams. 

National Coding Week

As part of National Coding week, we developed our understanding of vocabulary related to coding. We completed a matching activity and a crossword to show our understanding. We then followed a set of instructions to complete a coding game. We all really enjoyed this. 

Andy Warhol Art Work 

We all created our own piece of art in the style of Andy Warhol. We were inspired by his art work based on Mount Vesuvius. We used oil pastels to carefully shade and then added contrasting water paint. We all really enjoyed this activity. 

PE- Apparatus

We have been using the apparatus in PE. We have been carefully practicing our balancing and different ways of travelling, whilst using the apparatus. 

Picking Apples from the Orchard

The children really enjoyed picking their own apples from the orchard. After they had been washed, the children really enjoyed eating them at playtime. 

Shared Reading- Drama

We have been looking at The Highway man in our daily shared reading sessions. The children have really enjoyed learning about the poem and the use of language. The children also worked in small groups to act out the poem. 

Forest School in Oak 5

We have been lucky enough to be offered the chance to take part in Forest Schools, once a week during the Autumn term. We are all really enjoying these sessions so far. We have developed an understanding of ways to stay safe in the forest and woodland area.