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Year 4 - Willow

Welcome to Year 4 - Willow


Our teacher is Mrs Manners and our teaching assistant is Mrs Newton.

We are also supported by Miss Hill, Miss Genders and Mrs Zafa.

There are 28 children in our class, 16 girls and 12 boys.


Class Codes

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Respect everyone and everything.

Be a good listener and try your best.

Be proud to be in the Victoria team.

Show good manners.


Class Jobs


4 Willow School Council




4 Willow Sports Council






Subhan S


Eco Warriors





Behaviour Ambassador



Weekly Certificates and Awards


Hana-Reader of the Week

Quartulain-Mathematician of the Week



Homework is to be completed every half term.

Please read your reading book at least 4 times per week.

Bring your reading journal every day.

Our reading books are changed as needed.

We change our library books on Monday.

We have PE on Tuesday and Thursday.

Two PE kits are needed; one for indoors and one for outdoors.


British Values


As part of our British values we have been discussing democracy and how we can influence decision making through the democratic process.  The class took part in a mock election to elect the class representatives for School Council, Sports Council and Eco Warriors.  

We discussed that the rule of law protects everyone and how we need school and class codes to distinguish right from wrong and also how these may differ from some religious views and opinions.  

Through our PSHE and RE lessons, we discuss and model freedom of speech via pupil participation in circle time, class discussions and debates.  We respect and promote our cultural and religious differences by celebrating multicultural festivals.