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Year 4 - Hawthorn

Welcome to Year 4 - Hawthorn


Our teacher is Mrs Akhtar and our teaching assistant is Mrs Zafar.

We are also supported by Miss Hill.

There are 29 children in our class, 16 girls and  13 boys.

30 Day Summer Challenge Activities

Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome back!


I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter break and you are all keeping well.  Remember to stay at home and stay safe, make sure that you are getting your daily exercise as well as your learning done during the day.  

Have a look at the learning tasks for this week and remember to email any completed work you would like to share to me at year4@victoria.staffs.sch.uk there will be many rewards for high standards of completed work once we are back to school.  


Stay safe

Mrs Akhtar


Week starting 13th July

Week starting 6th July

Week starting 29th June

Week starting 22nd June

Week starting 15th June

Week starting 8th June 2020

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Week beginning 18th May 

Week beginning 11th May

Week beginning 27th April


Please click below to see your work for the week commencing 20th April

School Closure Homework


All Year 4 children have been sent home with a learning pack.  In addition to this, we will upload weekly tasks for your child to complete.  These will be consolidation tasks of what they have learnt so far.  

Work will be uploaded every Monday.

Week beginning 23.3.20

Please complete all work in your home workbooks.


Spellings-Write each word 4 times.  Write a sentence using each word.

Reading-Read the text and answer the comprehension questions.

English-Begin drafting your own adventure story (opening, build-up and problem)

SPAG-Please write sentences using proper punctuation.

Maths-Please copy and complete each calculation.

ICT-Use a device to access the website code.org.   Complete all levels for Minecraft Voyage Aquatic.


Times Tables

All year 4 pupils will be tested on their times tables towards the end of the school year.  Pupils should be able to complete between 40 and 60 times tables in 2 minutes.  Practise your times tables every day to build your speed.


There will be rewards for all completed work.  Remember that presentation is still important and with your Maths work please show your working out.

Useful Website Links

  • EspressoUsername: student27637 Password: Victoria

  • ThinkuKnowA free online internet safety programme by the National Crime Agency (different activities every fortnight)

  • Oxford OwlFree eBooks on this website for different ages/levels

  • TwinklThis website has a wealth of free resources for ALL areas. Setting this up is really easy to do - go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Easter holiday learning pack

Homework - week beginning 30th March 2020


Maths Homework

Remember to follow us on Facebook and see what everyone has been up to.

Homework - week beginning 23rd March 2020

Don't forget - you can email your homework to me at year4@victoria.staffs.sch.uk if you like.

Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect everyone and everything.
  • Be a good listener and try your best.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.
  • Show good manners.


Homework is given every half term based around the topic we are learning about.  The work may range from project work where the children will be required to create something 3D or carry out some research about certain aspects of the topic.  It will be varied over the year so that they cover all the subjects.



All children in class are expected to read on a daily basis to further develop their reading skills such as comprehension and fluency of reading.  Children are also given the opportunity once a week to use the reading corner to promote reading during their guided reading sessions.

Year 4 Welcome Leaflet

Autumn 1 Targets- Maths

Autumn 2 Maths Targets

Year 4 Writing and Reading targets

Home School Agreement

Knowledge organiser - electricity

School Council

Sports Council

Eco Warriors



Year 4 Behaviour Ambassador - Autumn 1

Our Behaviour Ambassador for Autumn 2  is Arfat who was selected because he always sets a fantastic example in all lessons.

Class jobs


Water bottle monitors - Irfan and Lola

Book monitors - Malaika and Amina

Reading book corners - Hajrah 

Our 'Have a go Hippo' award was given to Reyhaan for his excellent effort in Maths with subtracting four digit numbers in the columnar method.  Star of the week was awarded to Roshni for her fantastic attitude and effort in all lessons across the curriculum.  Well done to both of them.

British Values


As part of our British values we have been discussing democracy and how we can influence decision making through the democratic process.  The class took part in a mock election with a ballot paper of nominees to elect the Class representatives for School Council, Sports Council and Eco Warriors.  The children were given opportunities to present a speech to their peers to persuade them to vote for them.  We looked at how the democratic system works in Britain and the advantages and disadvantages of this.  

We discussed that the rule of law protects everyone and how we need school and class codes to distinguish right from wrong and also how these may differ from some religious views and opinions.  

Through our PSHE lessons, we have discussed and modelled freedom of speech via pupil participation in circle time and class discussions and debates.  We respect and promote our cultural and religious differences by celebrating multicultural festivals. 


Our Reading Corner

Every time the children complete a book they add a leaf to our tree.  By the summer we will have a very colourful tree full of leaves!

Author of the half term

Our Author this half term has been E B White.  We have been reading 'Charlotte's web as part of our reading for pleasure 

Author for Autumn 2 - Anne Fine

Our Author for Autumn 2 is Anne Fine.  We are reading 'Bill's new frock' as part of our reading for pleasure. 
Our reading corner has been designed to entice children to read more with a variety of genres to choose from.  Over the academic year, children will write the names of completed books on a leaf and stick this onto our reading tree.  So by Summer we have a blooming tree of books read over the year.  Children are encouraged to read at home at least four times a week. 

Trip to Packington Farm

On Friday 4th October, Year 4 visited Packington farm as part of our Creative Curriculum topic - field to farm.  The children enjoyed the trip thoroughly and took part in a range of activities such as: giant nest building, pond dipping, walking around the farm and matching the grains and seeds to the foods

English - The Twits

As part of our English work on play scripts based on 'The Twits', Year 4 took part in acting out their favourite scenes.  The children enjoyed this thoroughly and were able to demonstrate a very good understanding of how plays are written.

Outdoor Learning Session

As part of our work on 'Charlotte's web' Year 4 went on a spider hunt in the school woodlands.  We found many spiders and webs along with many other insects and creatures.  Our next task was to build a spider web using a wide range of materials from the woodlands. 

Year 4 Music concert

Some of our year 4 children took part in a music concert at Abbot Beyne on Friday 15th November.  Our children performed very well with other schools and made us very proud of them.  We had a whole year 4 performance to the rest of the school on Tuesday 19th November.