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Year 2 - Pine

Welcome to Year 2 - Pine

Our teacher is Miss Mewis and our teaching assistant is Mrs Bick. 

Mrs Smith and Mrs Kunsir also help us with our learning. 

There are 30 children in our class – 20 boys and 10 girls. 

Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  • Respect everyone and everything.

  • Be a good listener and try your best.

  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.

  • Show good manners.

British Values   

As part of our British Values in Year 2, we will be learning about democracy by encouraging the children to make decisions together.  One of the ways we will be doing this is by holding class votes.  We vote for our School Council representatives and also vote for our Behaviour Ambassador each half term.


Mutual respect and tolerance of each other are part of the values underpinned in Year 2, and the importance of accepting, respecting and valuing the feelings and views of others is embedded in the day to day learning.  We will be learning about similarities and differences, and how these should be celebrated.  Children are always encouraged to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, and to express their needs and opinions. 


The children are taught the importance of having rules and routines in place within the school and classroom, and how they contribute to making our school a safe and happy environment.  They are always encouraged to think about their actions and make good choices.  Our Behaviour Ambassador will choose a weekly 'Behaviour Star' to celebrate this.


We will work together to help one another and to make Year 2 Pine a great class!



Class Representatives



This year's School Council Representatives are Maryam and Samad.


This half-term's Behaviour Ambassador is Daniyal who was chosen by the class themselves.


The class' Smartbots are Ameer Hamza and Amna.  


The class' Sports Council Representatives are Samrah and Zain.

Class Awards


Each week, children are selected for certificates based on their learning and behaviour. This week our awards go to...



Well done-fantastic worksmiley

Our Class Timetable



The children will be taking home a reading book and a library book. Please read with your children on a daily at home and write a comment in their reading journals to let us know how they got on. Library books will be changed weekly, every Monday afternoon.




Homework will be given out every half term.  It will consist of different activities based on our Maths, English, Science and Creative Curriculum learning. The homework will be checked mid-way through the half term and will be marked at the end of the half term. Please support your child in completing their homework activities, as there will be opportunities for the children to share their homework in class. Feel free to see Miss Mewis or Mrs Bick if you have any questions about your child's homework tasks. 




Children need to keep their PE kit in school.  For PE, we wear a yellow tee shirt, green shorts and black pumps.  Earrings should be removed (before school if children are unable to remove them by themselves), for health and safety reasons.  We do PE on Wednesday and Friday.


Thank you!

Resources to support our learning

How to say our sounds...

A useful clip showing you how we say our phonics sounds.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Creative Curriculum topics this year

Our topics enable us to develop and apply knowledge and skills in different areas of the curriculum, such as history, geography and art.  These lessons take place during the afternoon.  We do link our topic work with our English learning through stories, poems and drama.  Where possible, we go on educational visits or invite visitors in, so that we develop our learning and understanding more.


These are our topics for this year:

Autumn 1            Autumn 2           Spring 1              Spring 2               Summer 1            Summer 2           
Traditional Tales Festivals Explorers I wonder... Around the World in 80 days Castles