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Wonder Week



During the last week of our Spring II half term, we had a very special week called 'Wonder Week.'

This week was full of wonder and let us link our work in subjects such as Art, Design and Technology,Science, Reading, Writing and even Maths to the book called 'The Wonder.'

"The world is a canvas for your imagination. You are the painter.

There are NO RULES.

Get to work!"


Following the quote, we got to work and managed to create some amazing pieces of Art. First, we made some colorful stars to beautifully decorate the hall!  Then, we wondered what our school ground could be transferred into and finally, we started working on our magical, flying carpet.  We have even used our sewing skills to sew some buttons to decorate our carpet! However, the big sewing we had to leave in the capable hands of Mrs Dolman :) !!!

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On Tuesday, we had a very special visit from Paul the magician from Magical Mayhem. We enjoyed his assembly as it was packed with magic tricks and was it was full of wonder! We particularly enjoyed the bit where he made hundreds of stars appear out of nowhere! It made us really excited about our learning for the rest of the week!
After the assembly we had magical workshop led by Paul, the magician. We tried lots of activities such as plate spinning, balancing, riding unicycles and stilt walking. We had lots of fun experimenting with different equipment and practising our magic tricks!
Our Science topic is 'Forces and Magnets.' During the Wonder Week, we learnt about the magic of magnets. We found out that magnets have two poles: the north pole and the south pole. We also learnt that when the opposite poles are facing one another, magnets attract and that when the same poles are facing one another, magnets repel.  We explored which objects magnets are attracted to and why and tried to make our magical carpets move using only a whiteboard, paperclips and magnets (no hands!). 

We visited the 'Imagination Station' to help us come up with inspiration for our magic carpets designs. We looked for patterns and shapes we saw around us and included lots of detail and colour in our work! 

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As if by magic, we travelled to some mysterious, fantasy lands on our flying carpet! 


Obviously, our teachers carried out a risk assessment beforehand to make sure the lands were safe for us to visit. Fortunately, they were! However, Miss Marchini and Mrs Dolman forgot to do a head count and nearly left Mrs Zimnoch behind! Luckily, Mrs Zimnoch was well prepared and followed behind them on the second magic carpet! 

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The Wonderful Wonder Week has finished with a whole school parade where all classes had a chance to share the work they produced over the  fantastic five days. We hope you enjoyed it as well!

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