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What are Things Made of?

Welcome to Spring Term 2!


Multi-Cultural Diversity Week - 22 - 26th February 2016


This half-term begins with Multi-Cultural Diversity Week, which this year is all about Storytelling!


For some more information, please visit http://www.sfs.org.uk/national-storytelling-week

1A will be learning to tell some of the stories of Nasreddin Hodja, the famous Iman / Mullah of Turkey! We will also be learning about Turkey and Sivrihisar, the Hodja's home.


Finally the Guy Fawkes movies are complete and uploaded on the Mother Goose page from Spring Term 1. Please take a look at them!

The half term got off to a great start with multi-cultural diversity week. We saw a fabulous story teller, and made our own stories based on her work. We also learned 2 traditional Turkish tales, The Pot The Died and The Smell Of Soup, both Nasreddin Hodja stories. We learned a little about Turkey, where Nasreddin Hodja is reputed to have lived, and particularly looked at Sivrihisar, which is the nearest town to the village of Horta where he resided. Sivrihisar is a little to the west of Ankara and surrounded by rocky mountains. It's very historic yet little visited by tourists, and has only 2 hotels, neither of which have very modern facilities!


Next week we will be learning how to make paper!

Week 3 - This week was an assessment week, so there's not a lot of work to show! We did lots of independent writing and learning, and 1:1 assessments with the teachers. We also made plastic out of milk as part of our science learning! Here's how we did it:

Sport Relief Exerciseathon

Sport Relief Exerciseathon 1 The WHOLE school took part on the yard!
Sport Relief Exerciseathon 2 It was great fun!
Sport Relief Exerciseathon 3 We're exhausted now!
Sport Relief Exerciseathon 4 Thank you everyone for your sponsorship

Science and topic assessment materials for this half-term