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The Seaside

Our final topic sits around lots of very exciting activities organised during this very busy half term at the end of the year!


We will be learning about:

  • Grace Darling, who she was, her life, and why she is remembered
  • The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
  • Geographical terms that refer to coastal features of the landscape
  • Data handling related to the information we collect from our pedometers in science


The first week back is Team Building Week where all our activities will be centred around our curriculum of independence skills and how we can apply these to group working. We are also launching the "Walk The Wonders" challenge, and each child has the chance to buy a pedometer for £1 and take part in this.


Between 10th and 14th July we have Health Safety and Fitness Week, where we come off timetable and focus on physical activities, including Sports Day, and learning about keeping our bodies healthy with good nutrition, exercise, and personal hygiene such as handwashing and dentistry. We will also look at other aspects of safety such as sun safety, road safety etc.


We will also have an assessment week where the teachers will work 1:1 and check on each child's individual learning.


There are national phonics checks to carry out 1:1 with most children in 1A.


KS1 is having a seaside day at Orchard as part of our topic.


Finally 1A and 4A will put on a short performance for the rest of the school / parents at the end of the topic.


However, there is still time for a little bit of topic work!


Please look at the attached Topic Wheel for a flavour of what we will be learning:



Week 2 - Assessment Week and The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Week 3: more assessments, science, geography, Grace Darling, and innovating on a story!