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Science Week

Balloon Buggies 

As part of Science Week, we have enjoyed creating our own balloon buggies. We designed and created them in groups and tested them out to see how fast they could travel. We worked really well as 'Team Tigers' and really enjoyed this activity. Our balloon buggies look fab! Well done everyone!

Dancing Raisins

On Tuesday, we began our investigation work as part of our learning for Science Week. We investigated what would happen when we placed raisins in still water and what would happen when we placed raisins in sparkling water. We made predictions, recorded our results and findings and wrote a conclusion. Finally, we discussed whether we were correct or incorrect. Well done everyone! Great investigation work!

Exploring the best material for Ernest Shackleton's new coat...

We had great fun working in our groups to explore different materials and their properties. We used four different materials and tested them to see how waterproof they each were. We then discussed which material would be the best material for a coat and why. There was some great Science talk going on and we had a super time investigating materials with Miss Kerr. Thank you Miss Kerr-what a great time we all had!

Skittles Investigation

On Wednesday, we investigated what would happen when we poured warm water onto skittles. We made our predictions, talked about how to make the experiment fair and recorded our results and findings. We observed that as the warm water was added the sugar on the skittles dissolved and changed the colour of the water. The skittles turned white and the water turned rainbow coloured. We then evaluated whether our predictions were correct or incorrect. Well done everyone-what excellent investigation skills you all showed!

Innovating Lifeboats

We designed new lifeboats to rescue Ernest Shackleton's crew. We enjoyed working with our friends to create our designs-don't they look fabulous!