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In Science this half term we have been learning all about plants. We have observed plants growing and have sequenced the different stages of the life cycle of a plant. We also carried out an investigation into what plants need to grow. We planted beans in different conditions and left them in various places to see what would happen to them and how this would affect their growth. We kept a bean diary for our plant which was given sunlight, water and the right temperature. We also made our predictions, recorded what we had found out and discussed whether our prediction were right or wrong. 
This half term we have been learning about animals including humans, as part of our Science learning. We sorted pictures of adult animals and their offspring and identified what makes a balanced diet as well as why exercise is important for us. 
This half term we have been carrying out some work on investigations. For our first investigation, we had to investigate which material would be the most appropriate for a coat for the explorer Ernest Shackleton. We had been learning about Ernest Shackleton in Creative Curriculum and English so this helped us to be Linking Lemurs with our learning. After exploring materials and their properties, we decided that plastic would be the best material for his coat as it was waterproof but also flexible. This meant that Shackleton would stay dry on his expeditions and be able to move around easily in his flexible coat. 
For our second experiment, we focused on making predictions and ensuring that our experiment was fair. We investigated what would happen when raisins were placed in soda water. Some of us thought that the raisins would sink, others thought that the raisins would change the colour of the water and some of us thought that the raisins would float on the top of the water. However, all of our predictions were sensible and we had reasons for our thoughts. We decided that we could complete the investigation several times in order to make it fair. We recorded our results and findings. Check out what actually happened below!

Raisins in still water vs Raisins in soda water

Dancing raisins!

Still image for this video
For our third experiment, we investigated what would happen when we added water to smarties. Some of us thought the smarties would melt and some of us thought that nothing would happen. We recorded our predictions, discussed how we would make the investigation fair, carried out our experiment and recorded our results and findings in a conclusion. We repeated the same investigation again, however this time with skittles instead.