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Early Years

There are seven areas of learning In Early Years that we will be focusing on throughout the year in Reception.  These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the world and Expressive Arts and Design. 



Our targets;

Literacy Autumn 1/2

  • To hear initial sounds in words
  • To begin to hear more sounds 
  • To begin to blend cvc words

Literacy Spring 1/2

  • To write cvc words
  • To write a short sentence or phrase
  • To read most tricky words by sight
  • To read a short sentence

Literacy Summer 1/2

  • To read CCVC/CVCC words
  • To write sentences and begin to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
  • To read tricky words and high frequency words by sight
  • To read sentences with fluency


Maths Autumn 1

  • To recite the number names to 10 and beyond

Maths Autumn 2

  • To begin to know the days of the week

Maths Spring 1

  • To recognise numerals to 10

Maths Spring 2

  • To partition numbers to  5 into two groups.

Maths Summer 1

  • To count in 10s to 100. 

Maths Summer 2

  • To count in 2s to 20. 


Topic Overview

Autumn i

Autumn ii

Spring i

Spring ii

Summer i

Summer ii

Ourselves Festivals Weather Toys and Structures Minibeasts Under the Sea


Documents for parents

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).