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In the speech and language centre we read in lots of different ways.

  • Mrs Coulthard and Mrs Else will read 1-1 and in small groups during the afternoons.
  • We also do paired reading with a peer.
  • We encourage reading several times a week at home with an adult, with children still reading aloud.
  • All children have access to Bug Club, an online reading resource with books of their reading level allocated to them.


Each term we have an author focus:

Autumn term = Judith Kerr (and Roald Dahl)

Spring term = Shakespeare

Summer term = Beatrix Potter


Reading rewards

Olympic reading challenge - children are rewarded with a special certificate when they read 25, 50 and 100 books.

NEWReading Bank - children must read 4 times a week and have it signed off at home to receive 1 x Reading Pound (£1) if only sessions signed off they get 1 x half a Reading Pound (£1/2). This reading bank will be used to pay for an exciting school trip at the end of the year. The more read = less for Mum and Dad to pay!!