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This half-term we will be looking at:


  • seasonal changes - ordering the seasons, knowing what weather is associated with each one, and recognising changes to day length at different times of year
  • comparing a small area in a non-European country with the local area (Mirpur in Pakistan/Burton upon Trent)
  • learning about the Mangla Dam, what it is, why it was built, and effect it had on people living in the area
  • understanding that Mirpur may have different weather, houses, clothes and food to those commonly seen in the local area, but that emmigration and immigration mean that some things are common to both places
  • finding Pakistan on a world map and locating the Mangla Dam on an aerial map


Topic Assessment Wheel

Science Assessment: Seasonal Changes

Week 2: A 4-day week! Flooding old Mirpur and changing a story