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Welcome to our first topic, Ourselves.


We update this page weekly on a Friday afternoon/evening with lots of photos showing our learning, so please check back regularly! Looking at the page together over the weekend is a great way to encourage discussion at home and to help you understand what we've been doing in class.

Our first topic is all about us!


We will be:

  • finding out about and naming different parts of the body
  • learning about the 5 senses and which organs relate to each sense
  • learning how to look closely and draw a self-portrait
  • learning to look closely and select appropriate colours for a self-portrait
  • naming the 4 compass points
  • devising a simple map
  • learning that different people have different preferences
  • listening to some high-quality musical recordings and selecting a favourite


Take a look at our Topic Wheel and Science Assessment grid to find out exactly what we will be learning: