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Week 3


This week our camera broke! So we haven't got any photos to share! But, we have been learning about shapes and spotting shapes in the environment - circles, triangles and squares for some of us and pyramids, cones and cubes for others. Some of us were learning to represent numbers in drawings or by showing fingers, and others were learning to combine to groups to add. We have done some handwriting and write dance, and enjoyed dancing to Boogie Beebies and making up our own dances with the ribbons. On Friday we did PE outside instead and enjoyed riding the bikes and scooter. In English we have been learning Brown Bear, Brown Bear and some of us have recited the story!

Brown Bear Brown Bear

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Watch this fabulous retelling of the story!

Week 4

m brown bear ext.mp4

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J brown bear.mp4

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o brown bear ext.mp4

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Apologies for the small number of photographs this week - the SD card in our new camera corrupted and we sadly lost most of the week's photos.