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For this topic, we will be finding out all about...Ourselves!


In Maths and English we will continue to work on objectives closely linked to our attainment. In Science, we will revisit humans and other animals and will be looking at both year 1 and year 2 objectives, thinking about drawing and labelling human bodies, the 5 senses, matching animals to babies, and sequencing mammal and insect growth stages and exploring what humans and animals need to survive and stay healthy. We will be looking at self portraits in Art, with a focus on shape, colour, line, and varying pressure to control a pencil effectively.  For History, we will be thinking about understanding chronology and the passage of time, past, present and future, personal timelines and family trees. In Geography, we will consider the different places where we live and look at county maps, introducing the key vocabulary of human geography. We will think about staying healthy and making healthy food in Design and Technology (food), and about the rules which keep us safe and the rules for life that different religions represent.

Wonderfuel Veg!


We used seasonal, British vegetables to make our own Autumn coleslaw. We peeled, grated, chopped and mixed apple, onion, carrot, cabbage and home-grown courgette with low-fat mayonnaise. It was delicious! Mmmmm.

Peeling a carrot

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