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Year 6 Laches Wood Residential Visit

Latest news from Laches Wood...


Friday 5th June 2015


Everyone is packed and ready for their journey home although the children will participate in a few more acitvities before they leave.  The children have requested to do another search and rescue activity as they enjoyed it so much yesterday followed by archery.


Year 6 are expected to be back for 3.00 pm ready for collection at the end of the school day at 3.15 pm.


Thursday 4th June 2015


After another good night's sleep today's activities will include:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Archery
  • BMX Biking
  • Orienteering


After another fun packed and busy day everyone will be ready to sit down in the dining room for their evening meal.


Wednesday 3rd June 2015


Another good night was had by all.  Today's activities include rock climbing and canoeing followed by an evening of playing games.


Tuesday 2nd June 2015


All had a very good night and slept really well.  Today everyone is going on a hill walk so will be getting plenty of exercise.  After a busy day tonight will be a little more relaxing with children participating in a games session.


Monday 1st June 2015


All Year 6 arrived safely and are settling in well.  After unpacking they all had lunch before undertaking an afternoon of exciting activities including BMX biking.