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On Monday 2nd Monday 9th March Victoria Community School and Scientia Academy got together and worked with the glass artist, Claire Williamson, and Mrs Lerigo to make, what we hope, will be two fantastic pieces of tiled stained glass, for both schools.  Thirty two children, from each school, over the two Monday mornings, created glass ‘sandwich’ tiles.  Claire, the artist, will be putting the tiles into her kiln (a special hot oven), and then will put the tiles together to make the art for each school.  The theme of the art work is the British countryside.  The children from both schools worked really well together.  Most of the time they were extremely quiet, they explained it was because they were very excited about using lots of different coloured glass and they wanted to make a good job!  When the children had finished their art work they enjoyed refreshments with each other and some of our older Victoria children read stories to the younger Scientia children.  The children were genuinely keen to thank Claire for their experience.  We can be very proud of all the children who took part for their exceptional manners and brilliant enthusiasm!


Further pictures from the workshops can be found in the gallery.


Please click on the following link for an aticle that appeared in the Burton Mail.