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This half term is a short one but we are aiming to fit in 2 books - Tadpole's Promise and Scritch Scratch - and a mental health week!


We are learning about lifecycles of both frogs and head lice and thinking about changes in our own lives and bodies.





Week 1


We learned about Tadpole's Promise and looked closely at our class tadpoles, who have legs now!

We carried on learning about shapes and numbers in maths, and did some estimating.

We had our own 'change' in class as Mrs Hough left for a new job on Friday!

Week 2


We have been reciting Tadpole's Promise, taking a 'talk for writing' approach, and creating story mountains to retell the story. We also wrote speech bubbles and captioned drawings.


In maths, we looked at place value and numerals representing consistent quantities, 2d shape names (triangle, rectangle, circle, square) and properties (round, tall, short, straight, edge, curved, corner). We also looked at sequencing a lifecycle which was maths, knowledge of the world, and related to our work in PHSE.


We also worked on a dance in Sensory Circuits that retold the lifecycle of a frog - from frogspawn back to frog- to 'Aquarium' by St Saens from the Carnival Of The Animals.


Week 3


This week has been very exciting as our tadpoles became froglets on Friday! We have 4 little speckled frogs sitting on a log in the tank with some blackfly from our planter!


We have also carried on looking at 2d shape names and properties, counting in 2s, place value, and comparing quantities. In English we have been learning to recite and retell Scritch Scratch by Miriam Moss, which tells the story of Miss Calypso and the little insect that crawls into her classroom one day and makes all the children's heads itchy!


It's been Children's Mental Health week, so we have also been doing lots of Cosmic Yoga and thinking about what things we can do to take care of our minds as well as our bodies. We had lots of circle time and also thought about what we're good at, what makes us happy, and things we have newly acquired the skills to do and things we want to get better at.