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Me In The Playground

This half-term we will be looking at:


  • materials - distinguishing between an object and the material it's made of
  • sorting materials such as glass, water, plastic, wood and metal
  • natural sculptures, by Andy Goldsworthy, and PET recycled plastic sculpture by Veronika Richterová
  • choosing a medium for, and making, our own natural or man-made sculptures
  • aerial and plan views of our local area
  • making our own maps and plans of the school grounds, and using a key to show different parts


We are also aiming to visit a range of playgrounds, weather permitting!

Week 1 - A bean growth bar chart, sequencing events, partitioning, bridging 10, money, a trip to the playground, writing recounts and an IT open morning - oh, and World Book Day!

Week 5 - more assessments, map work, learning about sculptors, and tadpoles!!