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James Mayhew "Katie" books - 4 capitals of the UK

Our literacy-based topic - looking at stories by, and inspired by, James Mayhew and "Katie"

In this topic, we will be looking at James Mayhew's Katie books, starting with Katie In London. We will learn that we live in the UK and that it is made up for 4 countries, and that London is the capital city of the one of them that we live in - England.  We will then learn about Scotland, reading Katie In Scotland, and using another book to help us learn about Edinburgh particularly - Miroslav Sasek's This Is Edinburgh - we will write our own story about Katie having a day out in Edinburgh, including all the essential sights! We will also look at Cardiff and Belfast and think about what sights Katie would see if she visited the capital cities of Wales and Northern Ireland.



  • recognising a map of the UK and the 4 countries that make up the UK and their individual flags
  • Knowing the names of the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities
  • Using compass points to identify where the countries of the UK are in relation to each other
  • Being able to say if a city is on a hill, in a valley, spreads across both or is on the coast, from photographs


  • recognising what a graphic 'symbol' is (eg the Rose of England, the Thistle of Scotland)
  • using national symbols to generate a repeating pattern

Topic and Science assessment for this half-term

Don't forget to keep checking back each week to see pictures of us learning in action!

Week 1 - A short week of 2 days!

Poetry - A Poem By Ash and Andy Tooze

Still image for this video
We wrote this poem with the visiting poet. This is us performing it.