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Class 4A will be given homework in their homework book each THURSDAY. This should then be returned the following TUESDAY.

In addition to the work in the homework book each child should read and do work on phonics, number facts and tables for a few minutes EVERY day.


Please record all books your child has read with you in his/her Olympic Reading diary. The books children read online at "Bug Club" will count towards their Olympic Reading total. Your child's "Bug Club" home access codes are in their Home/School books.


Children can have extra help if they are finding homework difficult on WEDNESDAY lunchtimes.


It is important that children understand the importance of their work and that we as staff and parents give them the support they need and deserve. Research has shown that when school and home work together in this way, outcomes for the children are improved. Please help your child to keep their homework book neat and tidy.


Thank you for your support.