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Summer Term 2

This term we are learning about Homes.


We will be visiting Pickford's House in Derby, and comparing a Georgian and Modern kitchen, and what impact the differences have made to people's lives.


We will also be thinking about the Georgian era and why there were so many new buildings built at that time. We shall learn about another famous Derby Georgian - Joseph Wright of Derby - and looking at a selection of his paintings and thinking about his use of shadow and light and dark. We will prepare our own portraits, using pressure to vary tone.


We will also be looking at some vocabulary linked to human and physical geography, thinking about plan views, and about features of homes that make different types of home suitable for different people and places. 


In Science, we are revisiting Seasonal Changes, looking at the differences between the school site in Autumn and Spring and consolidating our knowledge of the names and sequence of the seasons.  We will also be thinking about describing different types of weather, and keeping a weather diary of our own simple observations.

Topic Assessment Wheel and Science Assessment Grid