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Our next topic is Homes.


We will learning all about Samual Johnson, a significant local and historical person, and his Dictionary. On the 5th May we will  visit Samuel's birthplace in Lichfield, learning about about his home and how it is different from our own, as well as the Erasmus Darwin House. I wonder if we will be able to work out which house is oldest?!


We plan to take a walk around Lichfield and look at the different types of homes there are, taking photos of the landmarks we pass to help us draw simple maps of our route when we return to school. We will also be learning to print and bind books.


In Science, we still have work to consolidate with materials, so will be using the same assessment grid as Spring Term 2, and will link this to our topic by thinking about which materials would be most suitable for building different types of home and which properties make them suitable for different purposes.

Week 1 - Dictionary work, counting and place value, recording a route pictorially, and simple printing!

Week 2 - More print and painting techniques, estimating, materials and drawing simple maps

Week 4 - money, asking and answering questions (biography), recount and our TRIP!

Week 5 - Biography, ICT, plotting a route on a map,

Week 6 - printing and recorders

Week 6 was a little strange as Mrs Stokes was out on a course on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


We used the laptops to do our maths using RM all week so we could have consistency across the week whether Mrs Coulthard or Mrs Stokes was teaching us.


We completed our biographies of Samuel Johnson - we loved telling Mrs Coulthard all about his life!


We also explored the Outreach box that Mrs Stokes borrowed from the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum. It had rollers, inks, mats, aprons, and special polystyrene for cutting into to make a printing block. The polystyrene is soft, so we could cut into it using lolly sticks, pencils, and special pointed wooden tools that were in the box. We all printed a cover for a  non-fiction book  on Materials that we will be writing next week in English - on the laptops!

Have a great half-term holiday everyone!