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During Autumn term 2 we are learning about Festivals.


We are starting with some History work, and learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We will be finding out WHEN the plot happened and WHY, and how the plotters used the Thames in London to move the gunpowder. We will draw our own simple maps showing the Thames and the Palace of Westminster. We will also be looking at different properties of materials, and making a boat that can float with a cargo of "gunpowder" in it!  We will immerse ourselves in the story of the Gunpowder Plot and will do a lot of work on sequencing and retelling the story, and understanding the character of Guy, in English.


In Science, we will be looking at seasonal changes and learning and ordering the names of the seasons, linking them to different times of years and events / festivals as well as the months that take place in each season.


In RE, we will be finding out about 3 seasonal festivals - Hindu Diwali, Christmas and Hannukkah - and how they are celebrated. At the latter end of the half term, we will think about Christmas during English, and compare the traditional folk tales of Babushka and La Befana.

Food at Victoria!


Our new kitchen at Orchard site is now open and we cater for everybody, with halal and non-halal meat options as well as vegetarian food daily. We have a brilliant new cook - her quorn lasagne is divine!

Everybody enjoyed the Christmas lunch with crunchy sprouts cooked perfectly, parsnips, roast and mash potato, stuffing balls, turkey or quorn burgers, carrots, and a choice of angel biscuit or Christmas tree choc ice.


There was a cracker for everyone with a hat, brilliant joke, and a small toy. We love Christmas!

Christmas Dinner - 11th December 2015

Christmas Party Clothes

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