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This half term we have based our English work on the story 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. The story is about a little boy who is asked to take some food to his grandma's house which is in the forest. On his way he meets lots of familiar characters...a boy selling his cow, a girl with golden hair, a boy and a girl hiding behind a tree surrounded by breadcrumbs...






We also wrote instructions for making porridge as part of our learning on Traditional Tales and the story 'Goldilocks.' We also enjoyed writing a letter of apology from Goldilocks to the three bears. Well done everyone!

This half term we have been learning all about 'Festivals.' We read the book 'The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark', which is all about Bonfire Night, by Jill Tomlinson.  We wrote a character description about Plop and a setting description to describe the setting of where he lived. As part of our learning on Bonfire Night, we wrote firework poems using alliteration and commas in a list.  We also learnt about the story 'The Snowman' and retold the story by writing a diary entry as if we were the boy. 



During the school closure period, we learnt about Roald Dahl and the stories he has written. The learnt about the books: The Enormous Crocodile, The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox.  


We created a map to help Mr Fox find Farmer Bunce's duck and geese. We wrote a party invitation from Mr Fox inviting all his friends to his feast. We wrote a 'Wanted' poster to help the farmers catch Mr Fox. 


We wrote a book review on the book 'The Enormous Crocodile.' We created a poster with all the facts we had found out about crocodiles. 


We designed our own chocolate bars and listed the ingredients our chocolate bar was made from. We wrote a setting description for Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. 


This half term we have enjoyed learning all about Antarctica and the explorer Ernest Shackleton who went on an expedition to Antarctica. We learnt all about his expedition through the book 'Ice Trap.' We sequenced events from the story and created non-chronological reports all about penguins and seals. 


This half term we have been focusing on the book 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett as part of our topic learning on 'Around the World in 80 Days.' We enjoying labelling all the different countries Sunny visited on a map of Africa and discussed which animals had come from these countries. We wrote all about Sunny the meerkat's adventures. We used conjunctions to explain how he found his visits. Sunny also visited Burton and we helped him write a postcard home all about his visit.