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In English, we have been learning about fantasy stories. We are looking at the story of Maleficent. The children are really enjoying sequencing their story on a story mountain and story board and have produced some impressive setting and character description work! We will then be using all the sentence work we have carried out to retell the story in detail. 
This half term we linked our English work to our Creative Curriculum topic 'Canals.' We used our own facts that we researched to create information texts on what we had learnt. Here are some examples of our work. 
In English, we have been using the video clip 'The Blue Umbrella' as inspiration for our diary writing. We watched the clip several times and thought about a day in the life of the blue umbrella from the video. We used hot-seating to discuss how the blue and red umbrella were feeling at different points in the clip and used this discussion to come up with ideas for our diary writing. We created some fantastic pieces of diary writing and really enjoyed pretending to be a different character!
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Here is an example of one of the diary entries we created based on the clip 'The Blue Umbrella.'



Once upon a time, long, long ago, before even your teachers were born, there lived some really great storytellers. Their stories have been passed down, retold, translated, adapted and, more recently, written down, because everyone loves a good story! Do some of your favourites include haunting, treasure and battle, wicked deeds and heroic actions? These stories probably include myths and legends!


This half term Y3 has been exploring mythical worlds, meeting mythical creatures and retelling one of the most famous myths about a brave man fighting with half human and half bull - "Theseus and the Minotaur"



This half term in English, we have been learning about and exploring myths and legends. We have linked our learning to our Creative Curriculum topic, 'Romans.' We have enjoyed carrying out various activities based on our chosen myth, 'Theseus and the Minotaur.' We have acted out our myth in groups, created 'freeze frames' of our myth in PE, produced a comic strip of the story and retold the story in detail. We have really enjoyed learning about this myth and have shown a great understanding of the myth in our writing! Well done everyone!
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This half term we have been looking at the text type, instructional writing. We used what we had learnt about the features and layout of instructions to create our own set of instructions for making a 'marvellous medicine.' We used the story 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to help us come up with ideas for our own medicines. We enjoyed coming up with the ingredients-the more gruesome and unusual the better! We decided what our medicines would do and created detailed instructions on how to make them correctly. 



This half term we have been learning about newspaper reports. We have been recognising and identifying features of newspaper reports and have enjoyed learning about the language and layout used when writing newspaper articles. We have discussed the purpose of newspapers and enjoyed coming up with catchy and attention grabbing headlines for stories. We created our own newspaper reports using what we had learnt, based on the activities we had carried out during 'Wonder Week.' We enjoyed transforming these newspaper reports into televised news reports. Here is a little insight into what we got up to!


Once upon a dream... 

This half term we have been learning about poetry. We decided to enter the Young Writers' poetry competition titled 'Once upon a dream...' In this competition, children were invited to write a poem inspired by their dreams. Some children chose to write about an imaginary world they visited in their dream, some pupils wrote about an adventure they had been on whilst some children even chose to write poems based on a nightmare!                                                              

We began planning for our dreams poems by learning about different techniques used in poetry, such as imagery, onomatopoeia, personification and  similes. Luckily, we had some help when learning about these techniques in the form of the Big Friendly Poet, as known as 'The BFP.' We enjoyed learning about these techniques and they helped us with our writing! We learnt how to use these techniques very quickly, thanks to the BFP!

We then read some examples of poems based on dreams, one poem was based on a fantasy world and the other was based on a nightmare. We discussed whether we liked the poems, what we liked about them and the techniques used in the poems. After that, in order to help us come up with inspiration for our own poems we highlighted some themes we would like to base our own poetry on. We then created a plan for our poem thinking about who would be in our poem, where our poem would place and what might happen in the poem. We really enjoyed this writing and we produced some fantastic poems! We are excited to have our work entering a competition and look forward to see what happens-it was great to take part!


Our teachers will be making a poetry book from our poems for us to look back on and we will be having a competition within class for the best and most exciting poems!

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