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British Landmarks

As part of our artwork for the new entrance display, we have been learning all about the famous landmark, St, Paul's Cathedral. We enjoyed researching our own facts about the landmark and creating pieces of artwork based on the building. For some of our Art pieces, we used different coloured pieces of cellophane, cut into various shapes to replicate the beautiful stained glass windows found in the cathedral. We pieced together the different coloured shapes of cellophane to form patterns found in the stained glass windows. We really enjoyed this activity!


We also created precise, pencil and pen line drawings of the outside of the building. We followed our step-by-step instructions to create our drawings and looked for shapes within the building to make our drawing easier and more accurate. We were really proud of our finished results! We hope you enjoy seeing them along with all the other pieces of artwork the other classes have created! 

Picture 1