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Autumn 2 Homework

Autumn 2 Year 4 Homework

Please complete every task below.  Your homework is due Friday 13th December 2019.

Maths-Number bonds and Times Tables

Creative Curriculum-

Where in the World?



Please practise number bonds with someone at home.  Which two numbers, when added, equal 10?  20?  50?  100? Write your work in your homework book.


Practise times tables each day on the Internet using www.TimestablesRockstars .  Your login and password are inside your reading journal.

Make a list of all the countries you are linked with using the sheet in your homework book.




Have a look at objects and food items around your house.  From which countries have they come?  Write your ideas using the sheet in your homework book.

Please read and study the knowledge organiser about Electricity. What have you learned?  Write about it.


Use the Internet to research where electricity comes from and how it is made.  You need to write your findings in your homework book.


Look around your house for objects that use electricity.  Make a list in your homework book.



You need to read a minimum of 4 times per week.  Please ask your parent to sign your journal after reading.

Please study these spelling words and write each word 3 times in your homework book.

centre          height

reign            breathe

separate      occasionally

possession    business

experiment   recent

natural         pressure

Please change the opening of stories using examples given, you may write on the activity sheet in your homework book.