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Autumn 2

Remembrance Day

On Thursday 11th November at 11am, Year 2 held a 2 minute silence for all the people that lived, fought and died during the war. We created our own poppies to show our respect for the people that lived during this time and sacrificed their lives for the country. We hope you like our class display featuring our poppies.

Creative Curriculum

This half term our Creative Curriculum topic is 'Festivals.' As part of our learning about Bonfire Night, we talked about firework safety and created our own editable sparklers during Golden Time using bread sticks, chocolate and sprinkles! Don't they look great? 

We also made our own display background by creating firework artwork. We had lots of fun using colour and print to help us create our firework displays. Well done everyone-you worked really well together to create some fabulous artwork for our display!

We have been researching facts all about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. We looked at the countries England, Japan and Germany. We researched our facts as a class and recorded them as a report, as a mind map and on a Google Doc. We them compared the similarities and differences between how Christmas is celebrated in England with how Christmas is celebrated in Japan. 


In Science, we are learning about animals including humans. For our first lesson of the half term we discussed and

sorted food that was healthy and food that was unhealthy. We also learnt about the five different food groups and why  each of these groups is important in maintaining a balanced diet. We were able to sort food as a class into these different categories. Well done everyone-super 'Team Tiger' work!

PSHE-Happy and Healthy Me

In PSHE, we have been learning all about personal hygiene and ways in which we can keep ourselves and our bodies happy and healthy. We learnt about what germs are and how they spread. We talked about the importance of washing our hands thoroughly with with warm water and soap to get rid of germs and keep everyone safe. We practised good handwashing and  used glitter to represent the germs. First, we tried getting rid of the germs with a dry paper towel but there were still some germs left. Then, we tried getting rid of the germs with cold water but again we still had some germs left on our hands. Finally, we managed to get rid of all the germs using warm soapy water. Well done everyone!


In PE, we have enjoyed using the apparatus to explore different ways of travelling, balancing and jumping as part of our gymnastics lessons. Here we are enjoying the different stations! 

Commando Joes

We had a great time carrying out our Commando Joes missions this half term. For our first mission, we pretended to be Santa's elves and had to get all the presents safely across the snow and loaded onto Santa's sleigh. We all worked really well as 'Team Tigers' and used our communication skills to help solve problems.  For our second mission, we pretended to be Santa and navigated ourselves round the assault course in order to deliver presents to all the children in time. Well done everyone-super work!


In Computing this half term, we have been learning about how to look after our well-being by managing the time we spend using devices. We talked about the importance of taking breaks from using devices and discussed ways in which using a device too much can affect our minds and bodies. We used this information to create a poster as a class. We passed our poster onto Miss Walker for her to use as part of her Computing display to help teach others ways of looking after themselves as part of our computing well-being. 

Kind Messages to Teddy

As part of our learning during Anti-Bullying Week, we learnt about cyber-bullying. We talked about what cyber-bullying was, who we could talk to about it and what we could do if we experienced it. Teddy had been receiving some not very nice messages from someone online so we decided to write him some nice messages to cheer him up. 









We enjoyed carrying out some Christmas themed Cosmic Yoga today! We carefully copied the yoga poses and enjoyed acting out the Christmas adventure using our bodies to help us. We were all very flexible and gave the poses a good try!

Diya Lamps

As part of our learning on festivals, we learnt about how Diwali is celebrated. We designed and sculpted our own diya lamps out of clay. We enjoyed shaping the clay and adding pattern and texture to our lamps using different tools. We can't wait to paint and decorate them!

Christmas Stockings

We enjoyed developing our design and technology skills by sewing our own Christmas stockings. We cut, shaped, joined and finished materials to create our own festival stocking to take home. Some designs were reindeers, some were snowmen and there were even some santas too!

Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 10th December, we came to school in our Christmas jumpers to raise money for charity. As part of the day, we created our own Christmas jumper designs using Christmas colours and images. Well done everyone-great job!

Christmas Time!

We had a great time eating our Christmas dinners in the hall. We really enjoyed eating our turkey dinners surrounded by the Christmas hoops and place mats we had made and wearing our Christmas hats. In the afternoon, we watched our Christmas pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' 

We also had a Christmas party with party games, snacks and Christmas cakes! We even got a visit from one of Santa's elves who dropped off some presents for us because we've been so good this year! laugh

Maths-Christmas Shopping!

In Maths, we have been learning all about money. We have been working on recognising coins and their values, ordering coins and adding groups of coins to find totals. We decided to set up some Christmas shops to help us explore money. We enjoyed working with our partners using coins and their values to help us pay for different Christmas items. Our shop keepers helped us to make sure we had the right amount. Well done everyone-fantastic Team Tiger and Linking Lemur work! 


We enjoyed creating our advent calendars based on the four seasons. We scrunched and rolled different materials to show seasonal changes. Don't they look great!