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Japanese Student Visit

The morning of Monday 25th of September brought a surprise to Year 6 Sycamore, when Japanese Students, eager to practise their English speaking skills, visited children at our Orchard Site. The students – all aged around 17 years old – began with a presentation on Japan, introducing their fabulous capital city Tokyo and their home town of Ngyoto. Their presentation also included Japanese culture, Music and Dance. Smiling and laughing, the students, encouraged all the children watching to take part in singing, playing a typical Japanese game and performing a dance. A great time was had by everyone involved.

NSPCC and Childline Assembly


All the children at Victoria enjoyed a wonderfully informative assembly - Speak out, Stay safe - was the message that ran throughout the assembly and the following workshops for Year 5 and 6. Talking to the children about all the worries that they may have and who to talk to helped the children to realise they didn't have to worry on their own, there was always a trusted adult to listen to them. Remember if you want to talk to Childline the number is 08001111.

Time Traveller Arts Week


It literally started with a bang as the Time Traveller came crashing into the hall out of her Time Travelling Machine, it had crashed on the field and left terrible scorch marks!!! 

Phat Magic

Laughter was all that could be heard for 45 minutes in the hall at Victoria Orchard on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th March, when The Phat Magic Show came to town.

A mixture of maths magic, slight of hand and card tricks had the children from Year 6 Sycamore roaring with laughter throughout the session. They all thought it was especially fun when Mr Young (the magician) decided to incorporate the teachers into his funny jokes and hand out hilarious insults left, right and centre. What a  great show!