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Our second topic, for Autumn 2, has an Arts focus and is called "Animals".


During this half-term, we will be learning about:

  • how different animals live in different environments;
  • the basic structure and common features of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians;
  • printing,  creating and identifying repeat patterns;
  • how food can be sorted into different food groups;
  • using tools to cut, grate and chop vegetables, and observe changes to vegetables when boiled or baked;
  • to make levers and sliders and create a product featuring levers and sliders


We will also undertake 30 mins of PE (sensory circuits) daily, and work on fine motor / 1:1 reading at least 3 times each a week. 1A will also take part in Computing, RE and music lessons weekly throughout the half-term, as well as a Social Skills session which we share with class 1M and 1T at the Victoria Road site each Friday. 


We will be visiting the Guildhall Theatre in Derby to see their Christmas Show "Captain Sprout And The Christmas Pirates" on the morning of the 13th December, and of course we will be taking part in our own Christmas show at school. This year we're going to join with the Early Years classes at Victoria Road to re-tell the story of the Nativity, and all parents will be invited to come and watch.


Don't forget to check back each week to see what we've been up to - we will be posting lots of photos of all the children with permission to be featured on this website.




1A Nativity Rehearsal

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We performed "Shine, Star, Shine" with Nursery and Reception to parents and KS1 at Victoria Road in a supporting role. But two days later, we performed the whole show by ourselves to Orchard site. Here's our dress rehearsal, in 3 parts. The whole show is about 20 minutes long - please take a look!

Part 2

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The big star still can't shine! What will happen next?

1A Nativity Rehearsal part 3

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The final part of our show sees the big star trying harder than ever to shine...will he manage?