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Year 3 - Poplar

Welcome to Year 3 - Poplar!


Our teacher is Miss Marchini and our teaching assistant is Mrs Dolman.

We also work with Miss Hill and Mrs Dost for some subjects. 

There are 30 children in our class - 22 boys and 8 girls in our class.


Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect everyone and everything.
  • Be a good listener and try your best.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.
  • Show good manners.

Our Class Timetable


Picture 1



Homework is set every Friday to be returned by the following Tuesday.  Children are given a piece of English and a piece of Maths work to consolidate their learning in class.  At times there may be homework related to other aspects of the curriculum.  There will also be some research topics to find out about at different times of the year.  Please support your child with their homework and encourage them to try their best.  Thank you!

Reading Olympics


As part of our Reading Olympics we encourage children to read daily at home.  Please support your child to read on a daily basis and sign their Reading Journals.  We aim to hear all of the children read in class through individual and guided reading.  

Class Representatives


This year's School Council Representatives are Mariya and Ehtishaam.  


This half-term's Behaviour Ambassador is Sami Y who was chosen by the class themselves.


The class' Smartbots are Kesha and Ayaan.  


The class' Sports Council Representatives are Laiba and Mohammed.



Creative Curriculum


Our topics enable us to develop and apply knowledge and skills in different areas of the curriculum, such as history, geography and art.  These lessons take place during the afternoon.  Where possible, we go on educational visits or invite visitors in, so that we develop our learning and understanding more.  These are the topics that we will be covering each half-term.  



Cycle 1







Take me on a Journey

Traditional Tales/Playscripts








The English Countryside

Romans and Celts






Our Reading Corner and Author Display

Our Reading Corner and Author Display 1
Our Reading Corner and Author Display 2
Our Reading Corner and Author Display 3
Our Reading Corner and Author Display 4

This half term our author is C.S. Lewis. We are enjoying reading his book 'The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' as part of our 'Read Aloud' sessions. 



Monday 6th November-Open Reading Afternoon with Parents

On Monday 6th November we had an open reading afternoon where we invited our parents to come and listen to us read. We read some of our class 'Read Aloud' story, 'The Chornicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by our author for this half term, C.S. Lewis. We listened carefully to the extract read to us and answered some complicated questions about the plot and characters in the book. We then read our independent reading books with our parents, as they  were able ask us their own questions about our books. 
Last half term we took part in 'Aspirations Week.' In this week we learnt all about 'Hobbies and Jobs.' We had lots of visitors come into school to talk about how their hobbies and interests have led them to the jobs they have now. Our visitors included  a football coach, a ballet dancer and teacher, a kick-boxing instructor and an IT website developer. We really enjoyed learning about all these jobs and listening to our visitor's experiences.  We also enjoyed sharing what our own hobbies and interests are with the rest of the class and thought about what job we would like to have when we are older and reasons for why we would like to do these jobs. These photos give you an insight into what we got up to!

Paired Reading

We have started paired reading with Year 1. We really enjoy practicing our reading with our reading buddies and sharing our stories with them. We work well together asking and answering questions on our books.

Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning

Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 1
Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 2
Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 3