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Year 3 Poplar

Welcome to Year 3 - Poplar!


Our teacher is Miss Marchini and our teaching assistant is Mrs Dolman.

We also work with Miss Hill and Mrs Dost for some subjects. 

There are 30 children in our class - 21 boys and 9 girls in our class.


Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect everyone and everything.
  • Be a good listener and try your best.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.
  • Show good manners.

Our Class Timetable


Picture 1



Homework is set every Friday to be returned by the following Tuesday.  Children are given a piece of English and a piece of Maths work to consolidate their learning in class.  At times there may be homework related to other aspects of the curriculum.  There will also be some research topics to find out about at different times of the year.  Please support your child with their homework and encourage them to try their best.  Thank you!

Reading Olympics


As part of our Reading Olympics we encourage children to read daily at home.  Please support your child to read on a daily basis and sign their Reading Journals.  We aim to hear all of the children read in class through individual and guided reading.  

Summer ii Targets

Summer ii Targets 1

Class Representatives


This year's School Council Representatives are Mariya and Ehtishaam.  


This half-term's Behaviour Ambassador is Alishba who was chosen by the class themselves.


The class' Smartbots are Kesha and Ayaan.  


The class' Sports Council Representatives are Laiba and Mohammed.



Class Awards

Each week, children are selected for certificates based on their learning and behaviour. This week our awards go to...


Star of the Week-Furqan

Behaviour of the Week-Saira

Mathematician of the Week-Ayaan

Reader of the Week-Aliza


Well done-fantastic work!

Creative Curriculum


Our topics enable us to develop and apply knowledge and skills in different areas of the curriculum, such as history, geography and art.  These lessons take place during the afternoon.  Where possible, we go on educational visits or invite visitors in, so that we develop our learning and understanding more.  These are the topics that we will be covering each half-term.  



Cycle 1







Take me on a Journey

Traditional Tales/Playscripts








The English Countryside

Romans and Celts






May Day!

May Day! 1
We had lots of fun carrying out our May Day Performance to the rest of the school and our parents. We worked really hard on learning our dances and counting in beats in time to the music. We hope you enjoyed it! Our teachers are really proud of us!

MoneySense Workshop-It's party time!

MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 1
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 2
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 3
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 4
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 5
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 6
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 7
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 8
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 9
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 10
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 11
MoneySense Workshop-It's party time! 12

This half term we really enjoyed taking part in Natwest's MoneySense workshop called 'It's party time!' We had visitors from the bank come in to support with our activity and learnt a lot about how to handle money, as well as gaining an understanding of value for money. In groups, we had to choose a person to plan a party for, think about what they liked and disliked and design and budget for a themed party suited to their needs. We worked well in groups working out costings and deciding on which aspects of our party were more important to us and the person we were planning the party for. We really enjoyed working together on our task and planned some great parties, keeping in mind costings and prices. Well done everyone!

Picture 1

We really enjoyed having Mellors' Smoothie Bike in and learning all about healthy foods to eat and drink. We chose the fruits and juice we wanted to include in our own smoothie and pedalled as fast as we could to blend the ingredients and create our smoothie! Well done everyone-great teamwork!

Magic Show

Magic Show 1
Magic Show 2
Magic Show 3
Magic Show 4
Magic Show 5
Magic Show 6
Magic Show 7
Magic Show 8
Magic Show 9
On Wednesday 28th March, we had a visit from a magician. We really enjoyed his assembly, watching the magician's tricks and learning some tricks ourselves! 

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 1
Easter Egg Hunt 2
On the last day of half term, we carried out an Easter Egg Hunt. The children managed to find all the Easter eggs we hid from them (even the ones hidden in very tricky places!) and worked well communicating with one another so that they knew how many eggs had been collected and how many they had left to find. Well done everybody, egg-cellent work!
During Science Week, we had 'Sublime Science' come into school. They did a special assembly introducing us to different Science topics and explaining what we would be doing throughout the day. We enjoyed acting as volunteers helping to investigate and explore Science concepts. Later in the day, we visited Orchard site for a Science workshop. The workshop was called 'Wacky Rockets.' As part of the workshop, we made our own sweets, our own slime and even created artificial snow! Our favourite part of the workshop was when we went outside and set a rocket off into the air using a bottle of lemonade, mentos and a pump. We had lots of fun on Science day and enjoyed visiting Orchard site too.  


Fossils 1
Fossils 2
Fossils 3
Fossils 4
Fossils 5
Fossils 6
Fossils 7
Fossils 8
In Science, we are learning about 'Rocks and Minerals.' We linked our Science Week activities with our Rocks topic and created our own fossils using clay (a sedimentary rock). We knew that we couldn't make real fossils, as real fossils take millions of years to form, but they still look very effective and we had lots of fun making them with Mrs Dolman!

Burton Albion-Dance

Burton Albion-Dance 1
Burton Albion-Dance 2
Burton Albion-Dance 3
This half term, Burton Albion have been helping us to learn Dance. We have had to follow a dance sequence made up of 8 counts and then create our own sequences based on counts of 8. Each dance movement is worth 1 count. Once we understood the concept of counts of 8, we then moved onto incorporating dance techniques such as balance, levels, cannon to help us develop our routines. We are really enjoying exploring dance and working with our groups to develop our confidence in the subject. 

World Book Day-9.3.18

World Book Day-9.3.18 1
World Book Day-9.3.18 2
We had lots of fun on World Book Day dressing up as our favourite book characters from our 'Reading Spine' books. We dressed up as characters from the books 'The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,' 'The Sheep-Pig' and 'The Tunnel.' We drew detailed pictures of the characters we came dressed as and thought of words to describe them. We also redesigned a book cover for the book we came from. Well done everyone-great costumes!

Roman Road Collages

Roman Road Collages 1
Roman Road Collages 2
Roman Road Collages 3
Roman Road Collages 4
Roman Road Collages 5
Roman Road Collages 6
In Creative Curriculum, we have been learning all about the Romans. We used collage techniques to create a cross-section diagram of a Roman road. We thought carefully about the rocks and materials we were using and made sure our layers were clear and in order. We then labelled our diagram to say what each layer was and what material it was made from. We took a lot of pride in our collages-we hope you like them!
On Thursday 8th March, Year 3 and Year 4 had a 'Roman' themed day. Gregorius, a Roman Legionary soldier, visited our school to tell us all about life in Roman times. We enjoyed learning about his experiences in battle, as well as finding out about the Roman artefacts he carried with him and the clothing he wore. We had lots of fun marching like Roman soldiers, dressing up in Roman armour and creating our own clay votives. We even wrote our names in ink using the Roman alphabet and had a chance to be gladiators! We ended the day with a story from Roman times. Everyone had lots of fun and we learnt so many interesting facts throughout the day!

Roman Art

Roman Art 1
Roman Art 2
Roman Art 3
As part of our topic 'Romans and Celts,' we have studied Roman Art and created our own artwork using the mosaic technique the Romans used. We used similar colours and designs as the Romans. We are really pleased with our finished pieces and they look bright and engaging on our Roman display in class and in the library. 
On Thursday 15th February, Year 3 and Year 4 visited the ThinkTank Science museum in Birmingham. We had lots of fun exploring and investigating different areas of Science through practical activities and experiences. We learnt about topics such as 'The Body,' 'The Future,' 'Recycling' and 'The Natural World.' We loved learning about prey and predators in our 'Amazing Animals' workshop and were able to classify skulls, skeletons and models of animals into their correct animal classes. 

During 'Problem Solving Week', we enjoyed carrying out tasks and challenges in our problem solving workshop. We worked well together in teams to solve our puzzles and were able to develop our reasoning and communication skills. We also enjoyed having our parents in to see what kind of problems we solve in class. We worked well with our parents and friends solving a range of different problems given to us, some practical and some written.  We really enjoyed our week!

Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop 1
Parent Workshop 2
Parent Workshop 3
Parent Workshop 4
Parent Workshop 5
Parent Workshop 6
Parent Workshop 7
Parent Workshop 8
Parent Workshop 9
Parent Workshop 10
Parent Workshop 11


Conservation 1
Conservation 2
Conservation 3
Conservation 4
Conservation 5
Conservation 6

Last half-term we learnt all about 'Conservation'. As part of our learning, we planned and wrote a persuasive letter containing three arguments as to why there should be a greater focus on recycling. We worked really well in groups to mind map our ideas. 

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), we created our own pancakes using different ingredients. We had a class competition to see who could flip their pancake so that it landed back in the pan! We had lots of winners-well done everyone! We linked our learning of Shrove Tuesday to our French learning. We labelled our ingredients for our pancake in French and compared English and French traditions for celebrating Shrove Tuesday. We learnt, that in countries like France, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated with the festival 'Mardi Gras'. We learnt facts about the festival and created our own festival masks using traditional mask designs and the traditional festival colours, green, gold and purple. 

Picture 1

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 1
Safer Internet Day 2
On 'Safer Internet Day' we looked at different scenarios based on the internet and thought about what we would do in each of situations. We had a discussion as a class and then worked in pairs to record our thoughts. We also answered questions based on the internet, its uses and rules for using the internet. We thought really carefully about our responses and had some good discussion. 

FA Lidl Skills Programme

FA Lidl Skills Programme 1
FA Lidl Skills Programme 2
FA Lidl Skills Programme 3
FA Lidl Skills Programme 4
This half term, every Thursday, we carry out football activities and games as part of the 'FA Lidl Skills Programme.' During this time, we have a FA coach teaching us skills, based on movement and communication, as well as techniques for kicking, dribbling, shooting and defending. This is helping us to improve our football knowledge as well as our fitness and health. 

Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze

Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 1
Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 2
Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 3
Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 4
Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 5
Our Visit from the Poet Andy Tooze 6
On Thursday 11th January, the poet Andy Tooze came into our school to perform some of his poems to our class as well as Year 4 Willow. We really enjoyed listening to his poems and asking him questions about his life and work. We linked our English work for that week to poetry. We studied some of Andy Tooze's poems and created our own poems based on his themes and rhyming patterns. Here is some of the work we produced...
Picture 1

British Birds

British Birds 1

At the start of this half term we learnt about 'British Birds' and created some drawings for Mrs Lerigo's display at the front of school. We learnt about different types of birds we would see around us and practised our sketching technique to produce detailed observational drawings of these birds. We added in colour and detail using pastels and thought carefully about making our sketches as realistic as possible. We hope you like them!


We also created some Haiku poems about our chosen bird. We used the rule 5-7-5 syllables to create our poems. We hope you enjoy reading some the poems we have created...

Happy Holidays from Year 3 Poplar!

Happy Holidays from Year 3 Poplar! 1

Our Elf calendars!

Our Elf calendars! 1
Our Elf calendars! 2
Our Elf calendars! 3


Aladdin! 1
Aladdin! 2
Aladdin! 3
Aladdin! 4
Aladdin! 5
Aladdin! 6
Aladdin! 7
On Tuesday 12th December, Year 3 and Year 4 went to Lichfield Garrick Theatre to see the pantomime, Aladdin. We really enjoyed the show and  had lots of fun joining in singing, dancing and laughing. Everyone was so well-behaved and we were able to share our favourite parts of the show when we returned to school!
In Science, we have been learning about our body. Mrs Dolman has been teaching us about skeletons, how many bones we have in our body and the reason we have skeletons. We had lots of fun cutting and joining our skeletons so that we could bend and move them using the joints we created with split pins. 
In Maths, we learnt about right angles as properties of 2D shapes. We made our own right angle checkers and looked for 2D shapes and objects around school which had right angles. We wrote a list of the right angles we found in our books. Our right angle checkers really helped us visualise what right angles look like and helped us discover that right angles are all around us!

Learning about nets and making 3D shapes using different modelling materials!

Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales 1
Traditional Tales 2
Traditional Tales 3
In English, and as part of our Creative Curriculum topic, we identified and discussed themes found in traditional tales. We came up with features which most traditional tales contain as a group and recorded our ideas as one big mind map. 

Acting out our Traditional Tales

Acting out our Traditional Tales 1
Acting out our Traditional Tales 2
Acting out our Traditional Tales 3
Acting out our Traditional Tales 4
Acting out our Traditional Tales 5
Acting out our Traditional Tales 6
Acting out our Traditional Tales 7
Acting out our Traditional Tales 8
Acting out our Traditional Tales 9
Acting out our Traditional Tales 10
Acting out our Traditional Tales 11
Acting out our Traditional Tales 12
Acting out our Traditional Tales 13
Acting out our Traditional Tales 14
Acting out our Traditional Tales 15
Acting out our Traditional Tales 16
Acting out our Traditional Tales 17
We acted out the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' using tone, intonation, volume and actions to make our traditional tale come to life and sound exciting. We all worked really well in our groups and had lots of fun watching each other's performances. We used two stars and a wish to peer assess our friend's work. Well done everyone!
As part of our Creative Curriculum topic and our Computing learning, we used the 'Puppet Pals' app to retell a traditional tale. This helped to develop our technology skills as well as our speaking and listening skills. We enjoyed watching back our shows and our recordings!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
In English, we wrote our own play-scripts for the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We decided to work together as a group to act out one of our friend's play-scripts, using a photocopy of their work for support. We decided on our character parts within our groups and highlighted our speech. We used the stage directions given to us to help us add actions and expression to our play performances. Well done everyone-we all wrote some fantastic play-scripts and performed them with pride!

Our new author display-Spring

Our new author display-Spring  1
This half term our author is Dick King-Smith.  We will be reading his book 'The Sheep-Pig' as part of our 'Read Aloud' sessions. 

Our Reading Corner and Previous Author Display

Our Reading Corner and Previous Author Display 1
Our Reading Corner and Previous Author Display 2
Our Reading Corner and Previous Author Display 3
Our Reading Corner and Previous Author Display 4




Monday 6th November-Open Reading Afternoon with Parents

On Monday 6th November we had an open reading afternoon where we invited our parents to come and listen to us read. We read some of our class 'Read Aloud' story, 'The Chornicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by our author for this half term, C.S. Lewis. We listened carefully to the extract read to us and answered some complicated questions about the plot and characters in the book. We then read our independent reading books with our parents, as they  were able ask us their own questions about our books. 
Last half term we took part in 'Aspirations Week.' In this week we learnt all about 'Hobbies and Jobs.' We had lots of visitors come into school to talk about how their hobbies and interests have led them to the jobs they have now. Our visitors included  a football coach, a ballet dancer and teacher, a kick-boxing instructor and an IT website developer. We really enjoyed learning about all these jobs and listening to our visitor's experiences.  We also enjoyed sharing what our own hobbies and interests are with the rest of the class and thought about what job we would like to have when we are older and reasons for why we would like to do these jobs. These photos give you an insight into what we got up to!

Paired Reading

We have started paired reading with Year 1. We really enjoy practicing our reading with our reading buddies and sharing our stories with them. We work well together asking and answering questions on our books.

Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning

Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 1
Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 2
Word mats and resources we use to help us with our learning 3