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Topic Overview

Our learning topics this year:


  CC Science Computing PSHE RE
Aut 1

Ancient Egypt

Mechanical Systems

States of Matter E-Safety Me and My School Becoming an Adult
Aut 2

Where does food come from?  Land use

Giuseppe Arcimboldo paintings

Living Things and their Habitats Digital Literacy Happy and Healthy Me Judaism
Spr 1 Anglo Saxons and Scots-Britain's Settlement

Animals; Including Humans, Food Chains

and Digestive System

Programming Me in the World Neighbours
Spr 2 History of Transportation Electricity Collecting and Presenting Information Me and Other People Sikism
Sum 1

Human Geography: Types of Settlements

Animals including Humans: Teeth Ads Me and My Relationships War and Suffering
Sum 2


Geography: Where in the world?

Clay pattern tiles



Touch Typing

Me and My Safety Inspirational People