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In Science, we are learning all about plants. We are currently carrying out an investigation into what plants need in order to grow. We planted one plant without water, one without heat and one without sunlight and have been checking their progress regularly.  We have made our predictions at the start of the investigation and are discussing and recording our observations.
Picture 1

Plant 1-no water

Plant 2-no sunlight

Plant 3-no heat

We also investigated how water is transported in plants. We carried out an investigation using a white rose, celery, water and blue colouring. We made predictions before we carried out our investigations, wrote up what we did, and evaluated our findings. We then commented on whether our predictions had been correct or not. We discovered that the blue food colouring had been absorbed by the plant and transported up the stem to the flower, turning the flower blue in colour. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4