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Reception Birch

We are Reception Birch!

There are 27 children in our class. There are 16 boys and 10 girls.

Our class teacher is Miss Walker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Naz. 


Our class timetable

Our class timetable 1

Our topic overview for the year

Early Years

There are seven areas of learning In Early Years that we will be focusing on throughout the year in Reception.  These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the world and Expressive Arts and Design. 

EYFS Development Matters Handbook

Our class codes

Our class codes 1

Home school agreement and welcome powerpoint

Reading Books

Children will have an individual reading and library book to take home weekly. They have already read the book at school so please help them to practise reading it at home. Don’t forget to write a comment so that we can see that they have read. When they have read 25 books at home, they are awarded the bronze Reading Olympic certificate in assembly. The next challenge is to read 50 books for the silver award and then 100 books for the gold award.


Homework Sheets

The children will have new homework every Friday. The homework will also give you an overview of what they have been learning during the week. Please complete the homework activities with your child and ensure that your child brings their homework back every week. We hand in our homework books every Tuesday. 



British Values

As part of our British Values in Reception we will be learning about Democracy by encouraging the children to make decisions together.  One of the ways we will be doing this is by holding class votes for example a class vote for who will be part of the School Council. The importance of valuing each others feelings and views will be embedded in the day to day learning. The children will be taught the importance of having rules and routines in place within the school and classroom. This will also be linked to the wider community such as the police and people who help us.


Children will always encouraged to think about their actions and make good choices. As part of our topics such as All About Me, we will be learning about how we are all different and how this should be celebrated. Children will be encouraged as part of their self confidence and self awareness to feel confident to express their needs and opinions. Mutual respect and tolerance will be part of the underpinning the values in Reception. An ethos of inclusion will be embedded where the children are sensitive to the needs and beliefs of others. This will be encouraged through the importance of sharing and respecting opinions. 

Our topic this term is Ourselves (4th September - 13th October)

In this topic we will be finding out all about us. We will be looking at what we look like. We will be finding out about what foods are good for us and how we can take care of our bodies. We will look at different stories as part of our topic such as Owl Babies. We will also be learning about people who help us. This half term our role play area is a vet surgery.  


Our reading corner term 1

Our reading corner term 1 1

Our topic during our second term is all about festivals and celebrations (30th October - Tuesday 19th December)

As part of our topic we are going to be looking at different festivals and celebrations such as Bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas. We will be learning the nativity story and performing a Christmas play for parents and children. We will also be finding out about Autumn and the changing seasons.  

Paired Reading with Year 2

Our winter reading corner and author display

We have been looking at what makes a good friend! We performed an Assembly to the rest of the school (17th November 2017).

We have been looking at what makes a good friend! We performed an Assembly to the rest of the school (17th November 2017).  1

We really enjoyed our music lesson! (6th December 2017)

Our Christmas party!

Our Christmas party! 1

Our topic from January to February half term is Under the Sea! (4th January - 16th February)

In this topic we will be looking at all the different creatures that live under the sea! 

Internet safety day!

Problem Solving Workshop

Our Maths Workshop

Our Maths Workshop 1
Our Maths Workshop 2
Our Maths Workshop 3
Our Maths Workshop 4
Our Maths Workshop 5
Our Maths Workshop 6
Our Maths Workshop 7
Our Maths Workshop 8
Our Maths Workshop 9
Our Maths Workshop 10
Our Maths Workshop 11
Our Maths Workshop 12
Our Maths Workshop 13
Our Maths Workshop 14

Meet Goldie and Nemo, our class pets!

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1
World Book Day! 2
World Book Day! 3

Our Traditional Tales Reading Corner

Our Traditional Tales Reading Corner 1

Our topic in Summer Term 1 is Mini beasts!