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KS1 were visited by the poet Andy Tooze on Thursday 11th January 2018. He started the day with an assembly where he told us some of his poems and we all joined in with actions. It was great fun. Afterwards, Andy spent some time with each Year 1 and Year 2 class to teach them how to write poems. 


We had to think of an animal and then a great first line. This could be repetitive or start with a question. We were then given a few minutes to go and write down our ideas before performing them to the rest of the class. We worked really well and had some great ideas!


At the end of the day everyone came together for a celebration assembly to share their poems. Our families were invited and they all enjoyed listening to the poems we had created. Everyone used their loud, performing voices!

Lots of people bought Andy's poetry books because he had inspired us all to enjoy reading and writing poems.


We all had an amazing day!



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