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Nursery - Saplings

Welcome to Nursery - Saplings

Our teacher is Mrs Windle and our teaching assistants are Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Nizzer.

There are currently 29 children in our nursery class.
Children either attend sessions in a morning or in an afternoon.
Alternatively they attend for either the first half of the week or the second half of the week.




Stay and Play Sessions and Toddler Group

Stay and Play session will start after  October half term when mummies and daddies can come and work in nursery for 1 hour every week and see how clever we are all getting. The times are 8:40-9:40 for the morning nursery and then 12:20-1:20 for the afternoon nursery. This is also a toddler group, so younger children are welcome to attend with parents also. It is an opportunity for you to come and work alongside your child and to see what we are doing in nursery. 

Class Codes

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect everyone and everything.
  • Be a good listener and try your best.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.
  • Show good manners.

Our Timetable


During the 3 hours we spend in nursery we have lots of things to do– we don’t just play!


There is a lot of hard work to be done, but we always have lots of fun.

We are in charge of our own snack time.   Each day we have to remember to get our own milk and fruit and sit at the table to eat it nicely.  Our teachers always make sure we have all had our snack each day!


Have a look at our busy timetable:


We don't just learn inside, we do lots of learning outside too and will be practising taking turns in going outside to explore the challenges our teachers have set us.


Self registration and

exploration time



Welcome and Weather time



Adult focus

12:50– 1:00


Free flow, snack and

observation time


9:50– 10:00

Adult focus

1:30– 1:40

10:00– 10:30

Free flow, snack and

observation time

1:40– 2:10

10:30– 10:40

Adult focus

2:10– 2:20


Free flow, snack and

observation time

2:20– 2:40


Outdoor free play

2:40– 3:10

11:30– 11:40

Story and Home time

3:10– 3:20


Our Topics For This Year


Autumn 1

All about me

Exploring Colour

Autumn 2

Into the deep dark wood (Julia Donaldson stories)

Christmas and celebrations

Spring 1

Once upon a nursery rhyme

Spring 2

Transport- We're off on a journey

Summer 1

New life- looking at plants and animals

Summer 2

Space adventure


Reading and Stories in The Sapling Class

Reading and Stories in The Sapling Class 1



We change our reading books every week, please make sure that you have always got your book bag with you with your books inside– some children have already won their Bronze Award and Silver Award, hopefully there will be lots more before the end of term.




The Early Years Curriculum 

We focus on 3 prime areas in Nursery. These are Personal and Social Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language. We also learn to read and write, count and learn about shapes, explore where we live and the world around us and get very creative, singing, dancing and creating pieces of artwork.

Our Targets


By the end of the Autumn Term, we should all be able to:

  • put our own coat and bag away on our own peg.

  • find our own name to post it each morning.

  • take ourselves to the toilet and ask if we need help.

  • talk about our favourite stories and reading books.

  • have a go at mark making and writing our name.

  • count to 5 and read the numbers.

  • recognise and name shapes and colours.

  • sing some songs from memory.


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Our Nursery Garden

Our Nursery Garden 1
Our Nursery Garden 2
Our Nursery Garden 3
Our Nursery Garden 4
Our Nursery Garden 5